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What started out as a conventional style blog has quickly become so much more. After hundreds of style posts and partnerships with style-backed brands such as Madewell, Glossier, and AirBnB, Hannah knew she wanted more. From hopping to events all over California (such as the UCLA Institute of Environmental Sciences invite-only gala, no less) to speaking on panels and hosting workshops, Hannah has built a name for herself in the up-and-coming generation of fashion moguls.  

But Hannah's heart spanned much further than just the clothes she wore every day. As an outspoken social and environmental activist, as well as a passionate vegan, Hannah knew that expanding her platform to include all of the above was a risk, but overall would represent the realist form of herself.  So, she took the plunge and did just that, diving in headfirst into a world of her own creation, and never looking back. 

While style will always be our forefront, The Road to Hannah is a platform driven by an overall ideal of consciousness. Consciousness within the clothes we buy, the food we eat, the companies we support, the people we interact with, and how we live our lives. You won't find anything here that's unauthentic to Hannah, nor that's not backed with love and light. 

But that's what makes us unconventional.  


I was born and raised into a fashion-oriented family.  While the typical American family spent their days talking about sports, my family spent their weekends discussing what was new in the world of fashion.  I guess it was only given that, at a young age, I knew I wanted make my own mark on fashion industry one day.  But with an industry so vast, I never knew what to do.  Or rather, what I could do.  Sewing was never my strongest suit, and marketing felt too analytical, and for quite a while, it felt like I would have no place in this industry. 

Then in 2011, Instagram was born, and soon after, I was introduced to my first style blogger.  I couldn't believe that women were making a living by taking photos of their outfits and writing a bit about them.  I'd been a compulsive writer since I was in middle school, and the combination of that along with fashion seemed like a match made in heaven.  It was then that I decided that one day, I would start a blog of my own. 

I've been a big risk taker my entire life, always eager to jump into new projects head-on, without looking back. However, when it came to my blog, I hesitated, and contemplated for many years, what to do. Because the thing was: I never wanted to be just another fashion blogger. I'd always been different, an outcast, even, and I didn't want this to be my way of finally conforming with the crowd. I wanted my blog to be as every bit weird and outspoken as I was, and to be an extension of bold voice and strong opinions.  

So in the beginning of 2016, I took the plunge, and decided to stop overthinking it, and just jump in. I'd done enough growing up to know how to operate a blog properly and professionally, and figured I'd find my voice as I went along- which is exactly what happened.  Over time, my blog has morphed from a typical style blog, to a platform focused on compassion, environmentalism, and minimalism, with style remaining at the forefront.  

And that is the essence of what The Road to Hannah is: it's a style blog, but it's also so much more than that. 

And I hope that's how it'll always be. 




" {Hannah} is a young punk rock goddess who is rockin' it on all fronts with her no-bullsh*t attitude and timeless style." ~ Julia O Test, photographer

"Hannah stands out from the crowd. It’s young people like Hannah that give me hope for our future generation. Women like her already finding their voices and using their platforms to help spread social and political awareness is exactly what this world needs more of." ~ Nicolette Michelle,  blogger




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