I'm a writer, photographer, and TEDx speaker (seriously) living a conscious and creative lifestyle in the sunny San Francisco Bay Area. What started out as just a 16 year-old girl posting iPhone photos of her outfits on Instagram quickly morphed into a blog, a photography career, and a life beyond my wildest dreams. I never imagined that just a few years later, I'd be a creative entrepreneur, running my own business full-time while juggling college, life, and uh, oh yeah, navigating your 20's. It's wild, it's exciting, and I wouldn't change it for the world. 

When I'm not off building the life of my dreams, I can often be found gettin' down in a mosh pit, paging through novels at an indie bookstore, or searching for the perfect bowl of vegan ramen. 



The Nitty-GritTy

Want to know more, huh? Can't say I blame you. While I may seem like a pretty serious gal, truth is, I'm rather go-with-the-flow. And it's that flow attitude that guided me right where I am today. 

My journey into this world of creativity began when I was in middle school. A family member of mine showed me a fashion blogger, and encouraged me that blogging was something I could be really, really good at. Having been into fashion my entire life, as well as being an avid writer, it all seemed too good to be true. So when I was 16 years-old I finally took the plunge, and began posting photos of my outfits on Instagram. Now, these were not professional photos by any means. They were iPhone snaps, shot in front of my garage door, before I headed off to school. Cute, right? 

Two years later, those Instagram photos became a blog, and that blog became the dream come true I never knew I asked for. Its led to ad campaigns, a TEDx talk, and my ultimate calling: the formation of my photography business.

Which leads me to into how that happened... after having spent years surrounded by incredible photographers, and synchronistically finding my parent's old DSLR in the house one day, I decided to try my hand at photography. So, I took a friend out to lunch, shot some photos of her (with no real knowledge of how to work a camera) and posted them online, only to wake up the next day to find my inbox flooded with bookings. Seeing this as an opportunity presenting itself, I took them all and learned as I went. This continued, when after a few months of doing portraits, I connected with the ladies of Destroy Boys, a killer punk band from here in the Bay Area, who took me under their wing and guided me in shooting their shows. From there I was introduced to the dudes of Mt. Eddy (another Bay Area band), and next thing I knew, I was moonlighting as a music photographer- something I never in my wildest dreams thought I could do. And less than a year later, I'm a full-time photographer for bloggers, babes, and bands. How cool is that?

 I never expected to end up here, and yet, I couldn't be happier. It just goes to show- when you let go and flow with life, life will flow back to you stronger than ever. It may not take you where you thought you'd go, but I can guarantee, it'll take you to places even better.