Writing Services

Some of you may know this from reading this blog, but I've been an avid writer for as long as I can remember.  I've always loved writing stories, vignettes, poetry, and blog posts. I've written 5 novels, and have received a creative writing certificate from the Gotham Writer's Program.  I used to do a bit of freelance writing back in the day, and while most of that has stopped, I'm still open to taking on certain projects in the following categories:

Fashion, beauty, sustainability, YA novels, veganism, publishing, ballet, music, self-help, photography, Bay Area lifestyle

To pitch me a piece, please email: theroadtohannah@gmail.com


- $100 flat rate for pieces <1,000 words

- $100 per 1,000 words for pieces ranging between 1,000 - 5,000 words

- $50 hourly rate for pieces >5,000 words

The length of the piece determines the turnaround.  General turnaround time is 7-9 days, but can be expedited for an additional flat fee of $50.  Payment must be made in full within 5 days of completion of the piece, and can be made through either Venmo or PayPal.  I will do up to 3 passes between the editor and myself, and will make any corrections necessary during those 3 passes.  To pitch a piece idea, email me at theroadtohannah@gmail.com