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Photography + Videography

What: Photography is my way of capturing stories that transcend my own. I see my camera as a vessel of creation and love, creating a safe space for you to be yourself and express the truths of your heart in a visual documentation. Whether you’re looking to capture images for your blog or business, document your latest gig, or treat yourself to a session just because, my photography sessions are completely tailored to you and your needs. My bags are packed and my camera is always in hand, so no matter where your story takes you, you can count on me to be there.

Where: I am available for commission both at-home, in the San Francisco Bay Area, or worldwide.

Who: Although I believe every story is worth telling, I currently serve bloggers/digital influencers, rock n’ roll bands, adventurous couples, and solo babes.

Investment: 60 minute sessions begin at $200 USD. Please contact us to receive our pricing guide with further information and details.

Astrological Readings

What: Astrology is more than just horoscopes in the back of a magazine; it’s a way of understanding the depths of one’s soul and their purpose in this lifetime here on earth. By examining your natal chart - aka the blueprint for your life- we will dive into your greatest strengths, your greatest lessons, and answer any questions you may have related to life, love, career, family, and so much more.

Where: Readings can take place in-person in Oakland, California or remotely (via Skype) worldwide.

Who: Anyone who is curious to learn more about themselves and understand the inner workings of their natal chart!

Investment: Sessions last anywhere from 60-75 minutes and are a flat-rate of $200 USD.

1-on-1 Guided Meditation

What: As an avid meditator since 2017, I’ve witnessed the amazing effects meditation has had on my life - including lowered stress, increased energy, and deeper relaxation. Now, as a certified instructor, I aim to bring the practice directly to you! We will work together, in the comfort of your own home, to develop a daily meditation practice that suits your needs and goals.

Where: Sessions are currently only available in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who: Anyone who is looking to experience the healing and transformative benefits of meditation, from kids to adults.

Investment: 60 minute sessions begin at $350 USD. Please contact us correctly to schedule a consultation.