Compassion is love.


My journey into veganism has shaped the way I see the world.

It led me into living a life driven by compassion.  It helped me to give a damn about the world, and where everything I buy comes from. Not only in terms of the food I consume, but in terms of the clothes I buy, the beauty products I use, and brands I align myself with. 

 I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to do whatever makes them happiest- be it with their own body or the organizations they choose to support. However, with that said, I also believe in encouraging others to live the most compassionate life they possibly can, which is what this page is about! 

Below you'll find a link to my complete story of becoming a vegan (warning: it's a long one!) as well as my favorite vegan resources, great for aspiring and seasoned veggie lovers alike. 

My Journey Into Veganism

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How to Order Vegan at Fast Food Restaurants**

145 Vegan Restaurant Menus

The ULTIMATE Vegan Restaurant Search Engine (literally has saved me sooo many times!)

Vegan shopping Guide

EARTHLINGS Documentary

COWSPIRACY Documentary



FOOD INC. Documentary

Fully Raw Kristina

Sweet Simple Vegan

Minimalist Baker

Mango Island Mama

How to Eat Vegan for a Week for Only $15

** Disclaimer: I don't necessarily support PETA. I agree with their message, but I do not agree with their militant and scare tactics of trying to "push" people into this lifestyle. However, they do still have some great resources on their website, which is why I included them here! But, this inclusion does not indicate my support for the organization.