Sustainable Style


It all started when...

Donald Trump became a serious contender for the United States presidency.  Yes, it bugs me to say that it started with him, but for me, it really did.  Prior to the November 2016 elections, I knew very little about the environment, let alone, fashion's impact on it.  I certainly wouldn't have considered myself an environmental activist, and, truth be told, I didn't see much of a problem in shopping at fast-fashion retailers.  

Fast forward to January 2017, into what I call the age of "climate change denial".  The words of over-qualified scientists are being ignored, EPA programs are being cut, and budget setbacks are making it near impossible for anyone in power to advocate for any sort of environmental change.  Things were (and still are) not looking good for our planet.  

I'm a firm believer that change starts within the people, so I made the decision to get educated on what I could do to help save the planet, and advocate for it as much as I could.  I began to research ethical and sustainable fashion, and decided that from hereon out, I'd do my best to only shop from stores that fit those two categories.  

I'm still learning and still growing, but below you'll find some of my favorite resources on fashion's impact on our environment, as well as some of my favorite ethical and eco-friendly shops.  

I hope this helps you out as much as it has helped me! Together, by making more conscious choices, we can change our planet for the better.