Welcome to The Road to Hannah 2.0

Welcome, welcome, welcome.  I'm so happy that you're here.  

For some of you, this won't be your first time here, but it might as well be. As The Road to Hannah has quickly approached its first birthday, I decided that I wanted to make some big changes.  What started out as just another personal style blog has continued to evolve into so much more than just that.  In just one short year, it has gone on to become a hub for all types of inspirations, ranging for beauty to travel to even literature.  It has become a plethora of eclectic musings centered around the things I find most beautiful in life.  This has become the quintessential trademark of The Road to Hannah, and though there are many new changes, the message and purpose of this site- to inspire and cultivate creativity in a safe and welcoming space- will never change.  

However, many things have changed, and I'm so excited for you to explore them all.  The first, and probably the most striking, is the layout.  You'll notice that things have shifted around a bit, but for the most part, I tried to keep them similar to how they were on the original site, in terms of placement and purpose.  I don't want to spoil everything (even though I wish I could personally take each and every one of you around the site) so I'll leave it at that.  

Now, why did we move? It's the same reason why people move apartments.  We were starting to outgrow our old space, and wanted a new platform that would allow us to better grow and flourish.  Our old space was just a little bit too cozy, but this new one gives us plenty of room to play.  

Notice I said "we" instead of "I"...yes, we moved into a new space to welcome new members into our family! I am so excited to say that The Road to Hannah has opened up to contributors! One of the things I really wanted to do after building up this platform was open it up to all of you, to share your stories, voices, and musings.  I believe that people are better when they work together, and I'm so excited to be bringing so many amazing guest contributors on board.  As you continue to peek around the site over time, you may start to notice some new faces and names popping up, so please, I encourage you to take the time to read their stories and get to know them.  Every single contributor on this site has been hand-picked by me, and without sounding too biased, I think I've picked a great bunch. ;)

You'll also notice that we now have a brand new newsletter subscription! Yay! Every week you'll receive an email rounding up the latest posts on the site, as well as a personal note from me that could include anything from style tips to my favorite songs of the moment to overused puns. Random, I know, but we like to do things a little more spontaneously over here.  Personally, I think it makes things more fun.  

As we head into our second year, I just want to say how absolutely grateful I am for each and every one of you.  This past year I've had the privilege and honor of learning and growing alongside so many of you, and for that I am so incredibly thankful.  This first year exceeded my expectations, and I cannot wait to see where this second year takes us.  Saying goodbye to the previous chapter feels almost a bit too crazy, but nevertheless, I hope that you enjoy this new chapter of our journey together.  

Welcome to the new new.  Welcome to chapter 2.