The Leopard Coat

Photography by: Jessica Knai

Jacket: Brandy Melville // Tee: Reformation // Skirt: Hollister (sold out) // Mules: ASOS (sold out)

So, this is one of my favorite photosets, yet I completely forgot to share it. Oops.  

I want to blame it on the rainy weather but the truth is: sometimes life gets busy, and we get disorganized. Even some of the most organized people (which, I'd like to thing I'm among that bunch) fall off track sometimes.  It's something I'm trying not to beat myself up over - after all, we're all human, right? 

What you may (or may not) know, is that I shoot a lot of content at once.  I'll do 3-5 shoots in a weekend, sometimes.  And sometimes I just get so caught up in the excitement of all the new photos, that I forget to post them.  It's almost a quite ironic phenomenon -- you'd think that, the more excited I am, the more eager I'd be to blog the photosets.  And while that's actually quite true, sometime I just get so damn excited about photos that I literally forget about them.  Kind of like Dory in Finding Nemo. She gets so excited about things that poof, she forgets them (okay, yes she has short term memory loss.  No, I don't have short term memory loss.) But, my point being: sometimes life happens, and sometimes we just forget to do things.  It's just what makes us lousy human beings.  I say lousy, because dogs, the purest creatures on this earth, would never forget to schedule their blog posts, right? 

(Okay, okay, I'm going off on a serious tangent.  But it's 10 pm on a Friday night and I'm buzzed off of apple juice {only kidding}.  I'll end this here and spare you from my rambling. But seriously, dog >>>>> anyone else, especially humans).