Portrait of a Woman

volume no. 1 

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After weeks of planning, scouting, drafting, and deliberating, we are thrilled to introduce our newest project, entitled "Portrait of a Woman".  What started out as the final project for Hannah's sophomore year film photography class became a full-fledged magazine, greater than she could've anticipated. 

The magazine is approximately 30 pages in length, and details the journey of a woman throughout her life, from the conceptualization of dreams and ideas, to the stepping into her greater role in life. Words and photographs are all by Hannah Siddiqui, with the latter being a combination of both black and white 35mm film, and digital processes. 

Click below to download the magazine in it's entirety, completely for free

Model Credits (in order of appearance): Jessica Knai, Emma Fanning, Kaylee Kuter, Libby Armstrong, Julia O Test