To book a session:

Who I am...

Take me outside to your favorite spot. Maybe it's a beautiful forest, tucked away amongst the hills, or your favorite mural in a San Francisco alley.  Whatever your choosing, take me there, and let's make something incredibly imperfect.  Let's kick our shoes off and mess up our hair. Let's climb trees and run around busy streets. Let's go on an adventure, one that we'll never forget.  

My favorite people to shoot are those who aren't afraid to get a little dirty, and be their true selves. I'm not about stiff, awkward posing (though if that's your jam, I can totally help you).  I'd rather capture you laughing 'till you cry, or dancing until you fall to your knees. I'd rather see you in your natural state- bare feet and messy hair et. all. 

Having extensive experience myself in both the professional modeling world and the blogging world, I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to work with photographers from all over the country, and watch them throughout their entire creative processes.  From taking direction from them to (shamelessly) asking them way too many questions, I've picked up some "tricks of the trade" from a plethora of incredible artists, both in the personal and professional realm.  

I've been on shoots where I'm climbing boulders and changing tires (no joke), to ones where I'm standing in a studio, heavily posed for hours on end. You name it, I've probably done it at some point, and I'm excited to finally bring this creative "backlog" of mine to life within my own photographic adventures.  

I'm a storyteller first and an artist second. Give me your story, and let's turn it into magic. I am currently offering both portrait and blogger sessions across the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Please see below for rates and further details.  Not in the Bay Area? Let's talk-- contact me at for all travel inquiries.  

Portrait Sessions


 The Full Session: Starting at $100* / hour 

Best for the blogger who loves a lot of content.

- up to two (2) locations and five (5) looks 

- minimum 10-20 edited photos per outfit 

- online gallery delivered via email within 2-5 days 


The Mini Session: Starting at $60* / half hour

Best for those who like to dip their toes in the water. 

- up to one (1) location and two (2) looks

- minimum 5-10 edited photos per outfit

- online gallery delivered via email within 2-5 days


* please note that additional fees will apply if outside of the East Bay Area.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I dont't know how to pose! Will you help me?

- Absolutely! The great thing about being in front of the camera quite a bit myself is that I know exactly how to pose. I might give you descriptions that sound unfamiliar - arching your back, tilting your chin up, running your hand through your hair- but after having been under the direction of many photographers, I know just how to get your body in a position that'll look amazing on camera. I can assure you that you'll be in safe hands. 

Can you help me pick out my outfits?

- Sure! If you're unsure how to style something, feel free to bring your whole wardrobe and we can put together a fabulous look! I have a car and I always drive to my shoots, so you're welcome to leave any excess pieces in my car while we shoot.

How many outfits can we get shot in an hour?

- It really depends on how comfortable you are in front of the camera, how fast you change, and how fast you are able to move through poses. Generally, I work very quickly during shoots. I tend to move things along at a fast paced- mostly because I want you, the client, to get your time and money's worth! We will get a lot shot in a very short amount of time. 

For a full session, I can get up to five (5) different outfits shot in an hour (or less, if you prefer!) and for a mini session, I can get up to two (2) different outfits shot in a half hour. The number of outfits you may bring depends entirely on the type of session you decided to book. 

I hear you shoot film! Will you do a film and/or Polaroid shoot with me?

- While I usually reserve film for my personal projects only, I am willing to consider a film shoot. Please note that you will receive significantly less edits than a digital shoot, and a longer turnaround time (due to external processing).  Please contact me directly if you are interested in a film project, and I would be happy to consider it and give you a quote.  

Are you willing to travel?

- Yes, yes, yes, yes! I love traveling and would love to do more of it.  Please contact me directly for travel inquiries.