Mixtapes for the Signs


If there’s one thing I love doing in my spare time, it’s making playlist. Whether it’s for a friend, for a party, or just for another casual drive across the Bay, I love putting together playlists that fit every mood. So when someone suggested to me that I put together playlists for all the signs, it sounded like the perfect idea.

However, when I sat down and actually contemplated making twelve individual playlists, just then thought itself was enough to be overwhelming. So, instead, I decided to put together four playlists, one for each of the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water.

Keep reading below for more information on each individual playlist, and be sure to click on the links and save them to your Spotifys! Just a word of advice, all of the playlists are best when listened to in the order in which they’re arranged.

Happy listening! xx

Water Signs

A gentle mix of soft and sweet love songs and gritty, emotional tracks

For my water babies, I wanted to keep things on the romantic side. After all, you’re the most gentle and unconditionally loving signs of the zodiac, which is why you’ll find bittersweet tunes such as “Soul Love” and “Pete Davidson” (let’s just ignore the fact that he and Ariana broke up post-song, k?) There’s a node to your sensitivity (“Crybaby”) and some heartbreak anthems too (“Ghost”, “Dial Tones”, Jaded”). Of course, you Scorpio babes get some love with “Secrets” - your secretive nature knows no bounds - and for my Cancers, nothing reminds me more of your lazy days spent in bed than “Jane”. But Pisces babes, I certainly didn’t forget about you; your unconditional love and optimism towards such is perfectly summed up for you in “Best Friend.”

Fire Signs

An anthem of rage and self-empowerment to get you hyped

Fire babies, you all are a lot to handle. From the adventurous nature of Sagittarius to the ambition and leadership of Aries, to the ego and pride of Leo (sorry), you babes pack a punch just simply by breathing. Press play for songs such as “Going Bad” and “Diva” to hype you up as you conquer your day, then slow it back down with some more quite ragers such as “Playing God” and “Sagittarius”. Let your self-love and confidence shine through with “Obsessed” and “Baby I’m a Star,” while your crazy hormones run ramped under “Hellboy” and “Sexual.”

Earth Signs

A calm and cool mix for lazy days spent reconnecting to your inner soul

Oh, my earthy babes. When I think of you my heart instantly softens. You’ve got this gentleness about you that makes anyone feel instantly at ease. That’s why I’m startin’ you off with some softer jams (“Honey”, “Grandfather Clock”) before we make our way over to more upbeat numbers (“Taxi Cab”, “Dancing with Myself”, “Starry Eyes”). Indulge in some new-wave with “Sailing”, or some tried-and-true classics with “I’m so Bored With the USA”. Whatever the mood, you’re one of those versatile signs that knows how to get the party started and slow it back down all at the same time, so I’ve given ya a playlist to reflect just that. Put this on as your pre-party jam or turn it on during your post-party bubble bath. Whatever your mood, this playlist is for you.

Air Signs

A gentle mix of soft and sweet love songs and gritty, emotional tracks

My air babies, you’re a bag full of tricks. Sweet and somber some days and rowdy and wild on others, trying to sum you up in a single sentence is… well, almost impossible. You move with the wind, your mood changing by the hour, so it’s only fitting that you have a playlist that reflects that. From pop punk classics (“At the Library”, “Coffee Shop Soundtrack”) to poppy hits (“100 Letters”, “Dreams”) and even some classic rock faves (“Schizophrenia”, “Surrender”, “Death on the Stairs”) your playlist has a little something for everyone. It’s eclectic, yes, but I like to say it’s just a little moody…like you.

Have any songs you’d like to see added to the playlists? Feel free to leave them in a comment below! Or, follow me on Instagram for real-time updates. Username - @theroadtohannah.

xx Hannah