18 Love, Finance, + Personal Affirmations for 2018


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I cannot believe that it's already here. It feels like just yesterday it was 2008 yet here we are, ten years later, welcoming in 2018.  This year is going to be a huge one, and I already know it. I'll be graduating from community college this spring (and getting my AA-T!), transferring to University in the fall, and I'll be turning the big 2-0. It's going to be a busy year, but I'm excited to make the first year of my 20's the best year of my life so far, and can't wait to see what comes about of it.  

These past two years have been an absolute whirlwind for me. I've been engorphed by this overwhelming feeling of being on a "butterfly journey".  2016 felt like my caterpillar year, the year I planted the seeds for all I wanted to become, and started working towards creating the foundation that would allow me to achieve those said goals.  2017 was my cocoon year, the year I worked and worked towards what I wanted, and began to go through the necessary changes that would allow me to become the person I wanted to be. And 2018... well, I'm certain that 2018 will be my butterfly year; the year I break out of my shell and fully manifest everything I've set out to achieve these past two years.  In fact, I'm so certain of this, that I've actually begun seeing little monarch butterflies everywhere I go- the universal synchronistic sign for growth and change. It's been quite the beautiful thing. 

So with that said, I wanted to help get 2018 started off on the right foot- by giving you 18 different affirmations and intentions to kick off the new year. I've broken these affirmations up into three different sections: love, money, and personal (because let's face it- there's so many different intentions we can set).  


1. I attract loving, supportive people into my life.

2. My heart is always open to receiving love.

3. I give love freely and openly without hesitation.

4. I am constantly surrounded by an abundance of love.

5. I know my soulmate is out there and will come to me when I least expect it.

6. There is an endless stream of loving energy supporting my dreams. 


7. I do work I love and I am well paid for it.

8. There is an endless stream of abundance flowing my way

9. I do not have to worry about money; I have more than I'll ever need. 

10. More money comes in than goes out. 

11. I spend money freely, on whatever I want, whenever I want it, without any repercussions. 

12.  I am open to receiving money in any and all forms. I am open to creative possibilities


13. Happiness is a choice; I choose to direct all of my thoughts towards the path of happiness. 

14. I trust my intuition, and know that it is only guiding me towards people, places, and situations that are in alignment with my highest good.

15. I release all negative blockages that may be holding me back. 

16. I acknowledge my self-worth and only place myself in situations that are in alignment with my worth.

17. I allow myself to let go of people that are no longer in alignment with me. It is okay to outgrow people.

18.  I am happy, I am free, and I am the creator of miracles.

Whatever you're trying to manifest within the new year, I hope these affirmations help you to start off on the right foot.  May you all be filled with love and light during this joyous and (undoubtedly) powerful time,  and welcome to 2018! I have a good feeling that this year is going to be the best one yet. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see. ;)