A Year in the Bay Area

photo by: Justin Hilleary

It's been about a year now since I moved out to the Bay Area, and boy, have things changed a LOT within the past year.  It seems like my life has taken a complete 360 from where it was a year ago, and if I'm being honest, I couldn't be happier.  So, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on things, and share a little bit about how life is like in my favorite place on Earth.  

Being in the Bay brought about a lot of changes, but the biggest was probably how much it has helped my blog, and help me begin to achieve my dreams.  Being a San Francisco based blogger has allowed me to go to events and network with people that normally I wouldn't have gotten to. It's given me the opportunity to work with brands that I probably wouldn't have been able to before.  It's given me the opportunity to dip my fingers into the modeling world, something I've always wanted to do (as a hobby, of course).  San Francisco is one of those cities where dreams are made, and that is a fact that I whole-heartedly believe in.  

The Bay also gave me a social life, which is something I never had before.  It opened me up to the best friends I've ever had in my life, ones who are always down to do literally anything.  This in itself has not only made me a happier person, but has opened me up to experiences I would have never had before.  I have a very (very) small circle of friends, and I love them all, but I've also had the opportunity to reconnect with past friends and other people in my life.  It's exciting and extremely gratifying at the same time, and has made me a lot happier person.  After years of not fitting in and having a very nonexistent social life, I've finally found people who are kind, driven, intelligent, ambitious, and open-minded: qualities that I find so rare and so incredibly important.  

But, I think the biggest thing that the Bay has given me is a sense of happiness.  Living in my old town (which I won't mention here), I was ridiculously unhappy.  Everything about the town made me depressed, anxious, and overall sad.  I desperately needed the breathe of fresh air that moving to the Bay brought me.  Without going into it, sometimes life (and people) hit us so hard that we just need to start over, in a place where nobody knows us or has any preconceived notions about us.  It's the simple things, like going into Target and not seeing anyone you know! Haha, I know that probably sounds awful, but it's true! Sometimes you just really need that fresh break to not only find yourself, but find your happiness, and the Bay Area has truly brought me that.  

People often ask me why I have so much pride for this area; why I shamelessly proclaim that it's the best, and why I just love to talk about being from here.  The answer is quite simple: The Bay Area is where I found my happiness.  It's not only my home, but it also feels like home.  My old town never quite felt like home to me, but here, I feel the comfort and joy that one should feel when they think about their home.  It's where I can easily see myself spending the rest of my life, and where I know I'll have many, many more adventures.  

My first year in the Bay Area has been nothing short of amazing, and I can't wait to see where this next year will take me.