Introducing the #AnthroBookClub

Photo credits: Kaylen Ralph

Photo credits: Kaylen Ralph

 Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to help launch a book club at my local Anthropologie.  Of course, being the perpetual bookworm that I am, I had to jump at the opportunity.  I mean, books AND fashion all at the same time?! It sounded too good to be true.  

But this isn't your ordinary middle-aged-mom book club.  Nope, this is a hip and chic bookclub, which is exactly what you'd expect from the likes of Antropologie.  In collaboration with indie magazine publication The Riveter, the two select a book to read and discuss every month, and then create imaginative stylings based on what they think the characters would wear (see photos).  At the in-person meetings, held exclusively at Anthro West-End (in Minneapolis, MN) and now Anthro Walnut Creek (in Walnut Creek, CA), women from all over the city are invited to put on their party dresses and sip champagne as they discuss the read of the month.  

November's pick was "Dear Fang, With Love" and though I had not read the novel before attending the event, I found that discussing the book was so much fun! The ladies prompting the discussion created open topics, where other ladies could contribute ideas and information even if they had no clue what the book was about.  We had such insightful discussions about literary trends, using fashion to hide behind an illness, and the true meaning of beauty, among others.  We ended up talking for an hour and a half, and probably could have continued on longer, if it wasn't so late! 

I had the loveliest time, and I encourage you to check out your #AnthroBookClub if you're in the Minneapolis or Bay Area(s)! And if you're not in those areas, let your local Anthro know that you'd  like to see the book club come to your store! Or, let The Riveter know so they can get on it.,  You can contact them at any of their links below: 

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** This post was written in partnership with The Riveter magazine.  All opinions are my own.