Where to Find Ethical Coats For a Fabulous Winter Wardrobe

We've passed Halloween, which means it's finally time for cold weather in California! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually so excited for the cold this year.  This summer was brutal with its unusually high temperatures, and while I'm not generally a fan on the freezing cold, I am ready for a change of pace... even though I do get really cold really easily (ask anyone who's gone to an outdoor concert with me on a summer night- I am miserable).  So when those cold month's do hit, investing in a nice, warm winter coat is an absolute must.  I've been on the hunt to find the perfect, ethical, eco-friendly camel coat for a while now, and I'm stoked to say that I finally found it.

I actually found this baby brand-new on Depop earlier this spring- at a jaw-droppingly amazing price. I snagged it for a mere $60 after shipping, which, for me, was the steal of the century. This coat is by my all-time favorite retailer Reformation, and if any of you are familiar with the brand, then you know that their coats aren't cheap. This particular one retailed for over nearly $500. So to find it brand-new, in my size, for $60? It was way too good to be true. It has definitely become the camel coat (re: winter coat) of my dreams, and I've been so excited for winter time, purely so I can wear this coat every day. 

But while this coat is last season's and therefore no longer available, there are so many other ethical winter coats out there on the market. Of course, they don't come as cheap as, say, a fast fashion faux leather frock, but I've tried to include coats for most price points across the board.  It's important to remember that buying ethical + sustainable fashion generally comes at a higher price because it goes toward such things like fair wages, recycling programs, and ethically sourced materials, all of which are, of course, super, super beneficial and important! Aside from the coats listed below (the majority from either Reformation, Everlane, ASOS, or Madewell), I also recommend checking out Vaute for amazing ethical + vegan coats, or Patagonia, for sustainable, yet non-vegan options, if that's your jam. Though of course, I'll always recommend the former over the latter. :)  

And worst comes to not-so-worst? A great way to do your part for the planet at a minimal cost (literally and figuratively) is to shop secondhand. I definitely would recommend scouring Depop, Poshmark, or other secondhand sites / apps to find a good deal on a winter coat.  Who knows, you may end up finding a Reformation coat for an even better deal than mine was! 

And with winter coming right around the corner, I'd love to see your fabulous ethical coats! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @theroadtohannah in photos of your looks, and I'll give ya some likes and comments.  

Photography by: Julia O Test (edited by me)

Location: Rockridge, Oakland, CA

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