Pattern Play (Ft. Justine Lueder)

When people ask me if the future of The Road to Hannah is a transformation into a street style blog, I reply "absolutely not".  Rather, The Road to Hannah is a digital documentation of my creative life, and showcases some of the beautiful people in it... like Justine, a good friend of mine who I met through Instagram about a year ago now.  A UNLV student, she was in town to visit family, and I just had to see her while she was out here. I asked if she would be up for pictures, and this is what came out of it. 

This was my first time on the other side of the camera, and I really enjoyed it...more so than I thought I would.  It's a completely different experience, but such a fun one.  It's exciting to finally be in control of the storytelling.  It also helped that Justine is a lovely model, and knew exactly what to do.  She's a natural, and very few of the shots you see are ones where I actually "posed" her.  Being a style blogger, she styled herself and did so beautifully.

One thing I really love about this photoset is the juxtaposition between the modern and vintage feel that the photos have.  While the outfit is very modern and the setting was a very hip, urban city, the light editing is...well.. light.  It's soft and gives the feel of vintage film, something that I absolutely love.    

I'm obsessed with how these photos turned out, and I'm so excited to share them with you all.  I hope you love them (nearly) as much as I do! 

Model: Justine Lueder

Photography by: Hannah Anisa