Where to Find the PERFECT White Tee

Photography by: Julia O'Test

Location: Mission St., San Francisco, CA

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As much as I love dresses, for a day-to-day type look, I'm a tee shirt and jeans kind of gal. I have a huge (and still growing) collection of vintage tees, and I'm not afraid to say that tee shirts probably make up a good 30% of my wardrobe.  

Yet sometimes a graphic tee just doesn't do it for me, and I want something more simple, relaxed, and cozy. Something that's perfect for lounging around the house, or going out for dinner.  In comes the basic white tee- aka, the foundation to any perfect wardrobe.

Everybody- and yes, I literally mean everybody- should have at least one good, solid white tee shirt. However, finding that perfect white tee can often take some time, and some money. Lucky for you, I've had my fair share of experiences with white tees- the good, the bad, and the ugly- so I have a fairly good idea of which tees you should invest in, and which ones you can leave behind. But, I like to focus on the positive here, so I'm going to be rounding up my top three favorite white tees below. 

1. The "Plush Relaxed Crew Tee" - Reformation - $28 

- If you're going to invest in one high-quality white tee, this would be it. The micro tencel (aka recycled wood fabric) is thick and plush, let light enough to wear on a hot summer day.  It's soft and cozy, and I've even found myself sleeping in it several times (oops). It's a little sheer, and looks pretty sheer online, which scared me a bit at first. But, after receiving it in the mail, I realized that it's not as sheer as it looks online, and it's perfectly okay with a nude bra underneath (although I love going braless, this isn't quite the tee to do it in).  Reformation is more of a "high-end" brand, so while $28 can be a lot for a basic tee shirt, I think it's totally worth it to invest in such a staple piece such as this. It'll be a piece that, if you take care of it, will last you a lifetime, and will be able to be worn so many different ways. The quality of the tee is absolutely worth the price, so if you're going to invest in a good white tee, this would be it.

2. The Cotton Crew - Everlane

- If the Reformation tee is a little out of range (and understandably so), the next best tee would have to be, hands down, the Everlane Cotton Crew.  Everlane literally does everything well, from tees to dresses to bags, and this white tee is no different.  Personally, I prefer men's tees rather than women's tees, so that's what is linked above, but of course, that's a personal preference and I'm sure their women's tees are just as good. There isn't too much to say about these tees, because they look like your normal cotton shirt. But let me tell you, they're soooooo soft and comfortable. Perfect for wearing out or even for sleeping in.  

3. The White Tee - Hanes

- And if you absolutely cannot do the Reformation nor the Everlane tee (hey, I understand! A guy/gal's gotta save money!) then you can't go wrong with a plain ole' Hanes tee. I still have some men's ones that I bought in a two-pack and wear all the time. And while they aren't the best quality, nor the softest things in the world, they do the job just fine.  For ~ $5, it's worth it, for sure.  Plus, you can buy them in multiples! Because, you know, they may fall apart after a few washes... but hey, they're cheap and accessible, so you can always buy more of them. 

And those are my recommendations of where to find the PEFECT white tee... good for every budget, from style mavens who have a little bit more to spend, to broke college kids, and everyone in between.  Because everybody - yes, everybody- needs a good white tee in their life