Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Photography by: Julia O'Test

Jacket: Madewell // Tank: Homage (c/o Julia) // Hat: Homage (c/o Julia) // Pants: Hue // Shoes: Asos, sold out.

Sometimes, funny things happen during a shoot.  Like, your photographer forgets to tell you that she needs you to model a tank top, and you only brought dresses to style.  Major #fail on both ends.  

But then there's that moment of sheer brilliance, when you realize that the trunk of your Mini Cooper is stuffed to the brim with bags of old clothes you've been meaning to take to the thrift store.  So you dig through, in desperate attempt to find a pair of bottoms (and you realize that your wardrobe is 90% dresses) and then BOOM, you find a pair of bright red jeggings, straight out of your middle school dreams.  You're not into color like you were back then, now opting for the more subtle pops of red, a la your favorite Madewell jacket, so these jeggings feel exposing and bizarre.  Yet, you have to do anything for the shot, right? 

This look is so far from my style that I was hesitant to even share it on here, but figured that you guys would enjoy the change in wardrobe! Don't get used to it, though, this is clearly a one-off thing. ;) I feel like this is a look perfect for a baseball game, hence the title of this post.  Though, I've never actually been to a baseball game, so I have no clue what you'd wear (a tee and shorts, maybe? A baseball cap?) I'm truly clueless.  And, if I'm being honest, baseball bores me to death, so don't expect to find me at an A's or Giants game anytime soon.  

In fact, ignore the title of this post; don't take me out to the ballgame.  I'll probably fall asleep on you.  And eat your Cracker Jack (is that a thing people actually eat at baseball games?)