Sunflower Dreams

Photography by: Megan Welker

Dress: Abercrombie

Although spring may be ending, I still have so many more spring looks to share on here.  Spring is my favorite season, although ironically, I haven't been enjoying spring too much in the Bay Area, this year. It's been raining like crazy, and while it has finally stopped for the summer (thank god) there were many weeks of just solid downpour. 

However, I guess it's a blessing in disguise, because as a result, we ended up with this massive "super bloom".  Flowers are blooming everywhere, and it's made all the hills and fields so beautiful. This field was right by my house, and I swear, i've never seen it so pretty! I love a good flower field, and I loved breaking out one of my favorite floral dresses for this gorgeous shoot. 

Flowers are definitely my favorite part of spring.  What's yours?