Summer in Winter

Oh, the sunshine. I've missed it so much! It's been raining like crazy in the Bay Area, so I'll definitely savor any sunshine I can get.  I'm not a winter girl AT ALL (clearly).  I can't wait for summer and summer clothes, as I'm sure you can tell by my short romper.  I will admit - it was a bit too cold to be wearing this look in the middle of January, but hey, you gotta suffer for fashion, right?!

Speaking of this romper, it's literally one of my favorite "essentials".  I bought it almost two years ago from Urban Outfitters, and I'll shamelessly admit that I wear it all the time.  Under baggy sweaters, over tees, tops... you get the point.  Today, I decided to pair it with this distressed band tee, and I think that this is by far my favorite way to wear this romper.  I might have to recreate this look more often. It's super comfy and looks effortlessly chic. 

I paired this look with two of my favorite staples: these Forever 21 over-the-knee boots and my Madewell Denim Jacket.  These are two pieces that I wear on an almost-daily basis,  They work with so many different looks and so many different styles... I think that every girl should have these two pieces in their closet.  For starters, a good denim jacket is just so versatile.  Wear it with shorts on a summer day, or layered over sweaters on a winter one.  Wear it with a dress and heels, or jeans and sneakers.  Either way, it brings the perfect accent to any outfit.  I love the little red monogram on mine, too... it adds the perfect little pop of color to any outfit.  Oh, and p.s: want your Madewell jacket monogrammed for FREE? Sign up for their email list here to get free monogramming (no, this is not sponsored, I just really like free things haha).  

Now, to finally address these boots.  I get asked about these boots on Instagram on a near daily basis, and I am so bummed to say that they're long sold out. :( I got them from Forever 21 during Black Friday (YES, they're actually Forever 21) for under $50, which was such a steal.  But, the deal was too good to last - they completely sold out a week later.  But, never fear, because I found two very similar pairs- one higher end, and one "lower" end.  Both are linked in the widget above, so definitely check them out! Over-the-knee boots are such a great staple piece, and a nice change from the usual combat boots and/or booties.  Don't get me wrong, you guys know how much I love my booties, but sometimes an outfit just calls for something different, you know? I love to pair these boots with short dresses and rompers.  Just make sure to be tasteful when styling these shoes, and remember that less is not always more.  If your shorts or dress show your butt cheeks, pairing that piece with sky-high OTKs may not be the best option (nobody wants to look hoochie).  

As we prepare for another week of rain in the Bay, i'm definitely savoring the sunshine from this summer-in-winter day.  A gorgeous day spent at the lake... yep, I'll be holding onto this feeling until summer, for sure.  

Photography by: Brittany Curran 

Location: Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA