Photography by: Megan Welker

Location: Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA

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How do you reground?

It's a question I've been asking myself a lot lately.  How do people ground themselves, whether it be spiritually, holistically, or physically? 
If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know that I've been on the path to self-love, and part of self-love involves grounding yourself within nature, within the earth, and within your own spirituality.  

I've been working hard to figure out which definition of "grounding" I need the most.  What part am I missing? Part of me feels like I'm missing all of it, but then another part feels as if I have it all wholly.  It's this weird contradiction where I know I'm missing something, but I'm not quite sure what it is.   

So, as a result, I've been tackling all three.  I've been taking time to run around barefoot outside and ground myself in nature.  To begin to get deeper into my meditation practices and make a consistent effort to do it each and every day. It's hard, but in a harsh society, so is self-love. I like to tell myself that it's all a process, and that eventually, if I keep sticking with it, it'll all pay off. I'll be able to love myself better. I'll be able to love others better.  

But just as a blossom starts from a seed, self-love starts from there, too. And, just like with planting a seed of a flower, you have to ground that seed so it can develop strong, vital roots, to begin to soak up all the nourishment you give it.  Like a flower grows from within itself, self-love grows from within us.  

So get outside.  Ground yourself.  Take off your shoes, plant your seeds, and watch your love for yourself grow.