My Own Little Corner

Photography: Julia O'Test

Dress: Zara, sold out. // Bag and Shoes are Julia's 

Recently, I took my lovely friend Julia on a trip through one of my favorite Oakland neighborhoods: Rockridge.  She had never been out to Oakland, so of course I had to start with the easiest part of the city to fall in love with.  I mean, how could you not love Rockridge? Streets and streets of local shops mixed in with the cutest little cottages that I dream of living in one day.  It's so cute, and one of the first places I take people when I show them around the city.  

But with the adorableness comes some of the best photo spots in the city, like this cute little corner that I keep coming back to time and time again.  Every time I pass it, I want to do a photoshoot here, so it's only fitting that I finally did one! I'm sure it won't be the last one, either, since I love this corner so dang much.  I don't even know why I'm so drawn to it -- maybe it's because it combines my love of plants and grey walls all into one cute little package.  Or maybe it's because it's just effing adorable.  

Like this corner, this shoot is one of my favorites.  I'm obsessed with all these pastel colors, and how well they complimented this white Zara dress (which was such a holy grail find).    This shoot, this corner, to me, are the epitome of spring.  And with spring being one of my favorite seasons, I just get so happy every time I look at these photos! Is it weird to get happy looking at photos of yourself? I think for me it's more of the colors that make me happy, rather than my actual face.  I'm rambling, aren't I? Maybe that's a sign I should wrap this up.  

Anyhow, if you somehow find yourself in Oakland and want to find this little corner, it's right next to Ramen Shop on College Ave. (which I still haven't tried!).   I don't know why some people are so secretive with locations.  Personally, I love sharing mine, so if you want to know more places I love to shoot, let me know.  Maybe I'll do a recap on all of them some day.