How to Style: Men's Tees

Photography by: Julia O Test

Tee: Club Never // Hat: Club Never // Thigh Highs: Forever 21 (similar) 

I may be a girly girl at heart, but man, do I looooooove me some menswear. 

A lot of girls are afraid to wear menswear, but I've never understood why.  I think menswear can be so chic, and can totally switch up a look. Whether it's a hat, or a cardigan (spoiler alert, I only buy men's cardigans), or even an oversized tee, it can add a cool, edgy touch to your wardrobe. 

When Julia asked me if I'd help her model some menswear, my first answer was: HELL YES. Not only menswear, but she mentioned that she wanted a "grunge" vibe, and with that, I was putty in her hands.  That's how you speak the language of my soul, right there (well, maybe add some vegan mac and cheese on top of that and BOOM there's the language of my soul).  

We shot a few different looks, so I'm super stoked to show you guys a few different ways to style menswear. But of all the different ways, this is my favorite: big and oversized, with no pants and tight highs. Whew, isn't that a look? I think the way to make it classy and not trashy is to make sure that 1. your shirt is long enough to cover your butt, and 2. there's only about a 2-3 inch gap of thigh shown between the edge of your tee and your boot.  Any more tends to look a bit much, in my opinion.  Make sure you show some skin (hey, that's the look!) but still leave a lot up to the imagination. Oh, and for reference, I'm generally an XS (or a women's 00) but I'm wearing a men's size large tee. When oversizing, I usually buy men's mediums to layer with tights underneath, but larger work well for a more dress-type look. If you're looking to recreate this, I would definitely size up at least 3 sizes from your normal, women's size. 

I hope this helps you to get over your fear of menswear, or, if you're not fearful, help you style your next piece! I really love giving styling tips, and want to do more of these in the future. What kind of pieces would you like to see styled? Let me know in the comments below! Oh, and if you decide to recreate this look, tag me. I may just start creepin' on your page (in the friendliest way, of course!) :)