Meet Me at the Tennis Court

Anyone else read the title of this post and start humming "Meet Me in the Bathroom" by The Strokes? No, just me? Hmmmm... 

There's something so fun about the spontaneous; about going with the unexpected punches that roll your way.  Like, impulsively buying a new Zara dress, even though you have no room in your closet, or doing a photoshoot with your iPhone because you forget your camera battery at home. The little things that you don't expect to happen, yet happen anyway.  

Though I shoot with my iPhone on a regular basis, actually using it for a photoshoot (meaning, something outside of just a single Instagram post) was something new.  But, when you have a talented photographer, it doesn't matter what you shoot with- if they know what they're doing, the photos will turn out stunning.  In the case of my very talented musician/photographer cousin, Zakir, that was exactly true.  I'm obsessed with the very editorial feel of this photoset.  

We shot these in one of my favorite locations in the East Bay - Temescal Alley in Oakland.  A random little alleyway lined with local shops, bakeries, and cafes.  If you're ever in Oakland, it's definitely a place I recommend that you visit (and if you do, note that it's tucked away on 49th street, right across from Temescal dry cleaners ;) ) 

It wasn't until after these photos were shot that I realized how much this outfit looks like a tennis outfit! I totally should have brought a tennis racket with me as a prop. The asymmetrical hem on this dress reminds me so much of a tennis skirt, and these adidas sneakers totally remind me of tennis shoes.  Wait, I mean, sneakers are technically called... tennis shoes... oh goodness, as I type this, I realize how stupid that sounded, but I hope you know what I mean, haha.  

Also, this dress is on crazy clearance right now, so if you want it, you better snag it ASAP! I'm surprised it's not already sold out. There's so many other cute dresses on sale now, too.  I have to stay far away from Zara, otherwise I get way too tempted with how cute and cheap everything is.  Plus, for the price, the quality is amazing.  I know Zara is another one of those big-box retailers, but I still love it, and I'm not ashamed to say that I shop there quite more than I should.  

So, lace up your tennis shoes, and meet me at the tennis court.  5 pm.  Be prepared to win. I'm an amateur tennis player at best.  I think even that is a bit of an exaggeration.  

Photography by: ZAKIR

Location: Oakland, CA

SHOP THE LOOK HERE: Dress: Zara // Moto Jacket: Forever 21 // Sneakers: Adidas