Reconnecting with Mother Earth

As I've gotten older, I've realized how important it is to step back and reconnect. 

Sometimes it's reconnecting with work, or reconnecting with an old friend. Sometimes it's reconnecting with your intuition, and finding your focus. And sometimes, it's reconnecting with nature. 

I find the latter to be one of the most powerful connections of them all. There's something so special about taking a moment to step back and find yourself within nature. As corny as it sounds, I find myself having days where I crave taking my shoes off and running through the dirt. I crave walks through trees and skipping stones at a creek.  The older I get, the more I crave free time spent outside.  

I think, for me, it started when I developed my food allergies at the age of 16. Being "sick" and unwell, I craved the healing power of nature.  I suddenly found myself wanting to be outside more, wanting to do more things in nature, whereas before, I preferred being indoors. Maybe this is just a coincidence, or maybe it's divine timing. Whatever you choose to call it, it certainly has had a positive impact on my life, because it has forced me to reconnect with Mother Earth.  It has forced me to go out of my way to spend time outside. To experience the sites and sounds and smells that come with the mountains and the woods and anywhere else I decide to explore.  It has forced me to develop a newfound love for creating experiences outdoors.  And I couldn't be happier about it.  

This week, I reconnected by getting my feet dirty and playing in the flowers.  My friends Meg, Cherie, Lauren, and I all traveled up north to visit these gorgeous sunflower fields. They're only in bloom for two weeks out of the year, so we made the most of it, and planned a mini road trip up right at golden hour.  We got muddy, sticky, poked and prodded by flower stems, but all of it was beyond worth it. For those moments where you have nothing but time, to reconnect with the Earth and with those who you love... those are some of the most magical moments of all. 

I only hope I can find time to make moments like these, forever.  

Photography by: Megan Welker

Location: Dixon, CA

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