How to Style: Loungewear

Photography by: Nathalie Bize

Location: Danville, CA

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Sometimes, you just really want to be comfy. Like, "wearing my pjs out of the house" comfy. If you're like me, then you feel this every single day, yet realize that wearing your pjs out of the house is a little too sloppy. 

So, where do you go? To the next best thing, of course: wearing clothes that feel like pjs, yet look like a million bucks (er, well, maybe a hundred bucks).  When I saw this baby pink, satin romper from Tobi, I immediately fell in love for two reasons: one, the color (contrary to popular belief, pink is my favorite color) and two, it. just. looked. sooooo. comfy. Like, lingerie-esque comfy. And to be honest, it's exactly that comfy in real life. 

I thought about pairing it with a leather jacket (typical) but realized that hey, I have a lot to do today, and I want to be comfortable. So, I went for my go-to comfortable piece: this men's Gypsy 05 sweater that I bought about three years ago. I wear this sweater at least twice a week, if not more- so much so that my mom is always telling me to wear a different sweater. But I can't help it, I just love it so much! It's a super soft, lux knit, with a simple pattern that makes it feel homey. Plus, it's neutral color palette allows it to go with virtually everything in my wardrobe- a plus for me, and a big sigh for my mom (on another note, she bought me this sweater. Soooo.) 

But of course, we don't want to totally look like we're wearing our pjs, so I decided to dress things up a bit with these Hush Puppies heels.  While they're super cute and on-trend, let me tell you, they are THE comfiest shoes ever. One thing I love so much about Hush Puppies shoes is that they all have memory-foam cushions on the inside, making them ultra-comfortable for walking around the city. In fact, they're more comfortable than a pair of Nikes (and a lot more stylish). I love throwing them on to jazz up any outfit, yet still keep my toes happy as can be. (Oh, and p.s., if you want to cop these beauties, they're an online exclusive, so click the link above to check them out).

I'm very much a girl who loves her clothes to be comfy and cute, and I think this look embodies just that: comfortable enough to feel like you're in your pjs, but cute enough to wear to meetings and job interviews (which, I did!).  As Hannah Montana once said, it's truly the best of both worlds.