Glossier: Ethical Skincare For the Modern Gal

So I know this isn't technically a style post, but I'm lumping it in here anyway. Why? The snarky answer is because I can, but the real answer is because, well, Glossier is a freaking stylish brand.  They've been one of my long-time favorites, so when they said they wanted to send me a package of their favorites to try out, I didn't hesitate to say yes.  

I've had the chance to try out all these products, and I have to say, I wasn't in the least bit disappointed.  I've ordered from Glossier several times in the past, so as per usual, their products were up to par with my expectations.  In a nutshell: all of them are high-quality, do exactly what they promise, and are definitely worth the price.  I've decided to list my top 5 favorite products, and then throw all the rest into the honorable mentions category because I just love everything so much. ;) Leave it to me to break my own rules. Nevertheless, keep reading on to find out which 5 Glossier products I believe every person (regardless of their gender/lack of) needs in their life. 

5. Balm Dot Com

SHOP HERE: Original Balm Dot Com // Coconut Balm Dot Calm (c/o)

Labeled as a "universal skin salve", the Balm Dot Com is the perfect moisturizer for on-the-go.  Growing up, all my friends used to carry giant bottles of Bath and Body Works hand creams in their bags, but it always felt so bulky, and so inconvenient to carry around.  As a result, I never used to carry any sort of moisturizer with me, but I always found myself in situations where I needed it.  Then came the Balm Dot Com, an extremely tiny moisturizer that fits in your back pocket.  While I prefer to use it as a lip balm, it also works great on elbows and knees, keeping them soft and smooth for hours (seriously).  I never leave the house without this thing- in my hierarchy of essentials, it goes like this: wallet, keys, phone, balm dot com.  


4. Super Glow 

SHOP HERE: Super Glow 

While all the supers are great in their own ways, I think it's been a universally accepted truth in the beauty community that the Super Glow is the best. It's fortified with Vitamin C, to help rejuvenate your skin after long nights or early morning, which is especially great after a concert or all-nighter. I put three dots of it on my face every morning: one on my t-zone, and one on each of my cheeks, and I blend it in with my fingers after my toner and before my moisturizer. Not only does it make your skin look brighter and more awake, but it also helps your makeup go on smoother. It's kind of like a primer for a primer, if there was ever such thing. Regardless,  I know that the Supers can get kind of pricey, and a lot of people question whether they're worth it or not, so if you're one of those people I would say YES, they are so worth it, and if you're to only pick up one, I would highly recommend the Super Glow. 

3. Boy Brow

SHOP HERE: Boy Brow (c/o)

Glossier's most famous product, the Boy Brow, certainly lives up to all the hype.  I have big bushy brows naturally, so finding a product to help tame them was a hard struggle. I used to spend $100+ on three different brow products just to get them in shape... that is, until I tried the Boy Brow.  While it is on the smaller size (I usually have to repurchase it every 2-3 months) it's incredible for the price (only $12!).  Modeled after a mustache wax, it's the perfect combination of tint and gel all in one.  I no longer have to buy a brow pencil AND a separate brow gel- now, I just buy the one product, slap it on my brows, and go.  Now I will say that it can get kind of thick, especially for someone who has naturally thick brows like myself, so I recommend going in with a separate spooley and brushing the product through your brows, starting from the tip to the tail, rather than slathering the pomade all throughout.  

2. Milky Jelly Cleanser

SHOP HERE: Milky Jelly Cleanser (c/o)

When I saw this in the box, I nearly screamed.  I have been dying to try this product, and have heard people rave about it since Glossier first stepped on the scene three years ago.  And again, like the Boy Brow, I have to say that this definitely lives up to the hype! It's a smooth, silky, extremely gentle cleanser that not only takes off all my makeup, but also leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I use a pea-sized amount both day and night, which ends up being just enough for my entire face. I then rinse with cold water, pat dry, and follow up with the next product mentioned, which is by far my favorite... 

1. Priming Moisturizer {Rich}

SHOP HERE: Priming Moisturizer (c/o) // Priming Moisturizer Rich

As mentioned above, by far my favorite Glossier product, and the one that I feel everyone should have in their repertoire, is the Priming Moisturizer (and/or the Priming Moisturizer Rich). Now, I'm fully aware that there are so many fancy creams already out on the market, and everyone already has their favorites, but trust me when I say that this one is one of the best, especially if you have dry skin.  I have crazy dry, crazy sensitive skin that, before using this, would always peel and flake every single day (gross, but true).  When I saw Glossier was coming out with the Priming Moisturizer Rich, I immediately jumped on it, hoping it would help save my horribly dry skin. And, much to my excitement, it did! My skin has been so smooth, so hydrated, and so crazy soft this winter and spring. I use it every day, morning and night, and I always wake up with my skin so happy. I'm hoping to finish up my "Rich" before the end of spring, so that come summer I can start using the lighter, original Priming Moisturizer.  If you're wondering the difference between the two, it's just that: the original Priming Moisturizer is lighter and more build-able, better for warmer months, while the Rich is a lot thicker and better for the cold winter months. As Glossier describes it, it's a "sleeping bag for your face".  

Honorable mentions

Because 5 items isn't nearly enough to cover all the Glossier goodness, I decided to add an "appendix" of sorts that mentions all the other products of theirs that I love, yet doesn't quite make the top 5. 

1. Haloscope

SHOP HERE: Haloscope (c/o) 

I love a good highlighter just as much as the next gal, but since I started to go more "fresh faced" with my makeup routine, my normal highlighters were just looking a little... weird.  It looked odd to wear a blinding, striking highlighter (I love the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill "Champagne Pop" highlighter) with very little other makeup on. I've been in need of a more "natural" highlighter, so I can still glow while going more au natural, and Haloscope is the perfect balance.  No, seriously, it is.  It's the perfect, creamy formula that's so easy to put on.  No fan brush needed- just swipe and run.  Its creamy texture feels soft and hydrating on my skin, and leaves a very natural, barely-there glow.  Now if you're looking for a super dramatic highlighter, this won't be it, but if you want something subtle and light, I would 100% recommend this.  I was sent the color "Moonstone", which I think is a great universal white-based highlight (tip: use it to highlight your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes!).  But, i'm also itching to try out the color "Topaz", which is more of a warm, velvety brown. 

2. Super Bounce

SHOP HERE: Super Bounce

The Super Bounce is a strangely amazing combination of a serum and a jelly. Full of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5,  it's a very thick serum, much thicker than the other Glossier serums, and feels almost like a makeup primer in itself. In fact, I find that my makeup goes on much more seamlessly after I use this product.  It also helps tame some redness, which is a plus for me, since I have "allergy skin" (aka super red patches of skin due to excess inflammation in the body).  I alternate between this one and the Super Glow daily depending on my needs- Super Glow, if I need some brightening up due to a long night of studying, or Super Bounce if I want to dull my redness and keep my makeup in place.  

3. Stretch Concealer

SHOP HERE: Stretch Concealer 

Fun fact: after purchasing this concealer, I stopped wearing foundation.  Yep, I don't wear foundation at all. In fact, I slap some of this on after I go over my entire face with my Milk Makeup "Blur Stick", and it looks just like I'm wearing a full face of foundation, but without the cakey feel.  That's probably my favorite thing about this concealer- not only is the coverage fantastic, but it's so soft, so silky, it feels like you aren't even wearing anything on your face.  It's as light as a cloud, and the perfect product for makeup fanatics and makeup skeptics alike.  

4. Cloud Paint

SHOP HERE: Cloud Paint (c/o) 

Long gone are the days of blushes with brushes. Cloud Paint is seriously the best blush for on-the-go.  It comes in a tiny little paint tube and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (or, you know, inside a clutch).  A little goes a long way with this paint-like product- one pea-sized amount is enough for both cheeks.  Now, while applying it can be tricky (note: blending it with fingers does NOT work well) my favorite way to apply it is with a dry beauty blender.  Just  apply a few dots of the cloud paint on your cheekbones, pat with your beauty blender, and voila- you've got long-lasting, highly-pigmented blush that'll last you all day. Unlike a lot of other blushes, I can apply this in the morning, and it'll last me all the way throughout the night without a single touch-up, which is perfect for those of us who don't always have time to touch-up our makeup.  Out of all the Cloud Paints, Puff  (the bubblegum pink) is my favorite, but I also love Dusk (a tawny brown) for a more natural, subtle glow. 


And there we have it! My favorite Glossier products! There are still so many more that I haven't tried out, but hopefully one day I'll get to all of them.

Did your favorite product make the list? Let me know! 

Photography by: Nathalie Bize

Location: Danville, CA


** C/O next to an item indicates that the item was sent to me to try out, courtesy of Glossier. In no way does that affect my review.