Feelin' Fine

Photography by: Zakir

Tee: Electric West // Shorts: Free People, old. // Birkenstocks: Nordstrom 

Spring always makes me so happy. Why? Because everything's in bloom! 

It's such a cliche girly thing to say, but flowers make me so happy.  One day, when I have my own place, I'll be filling it to the brim with fresh flowers (and cacti... but that's another story).  But in the meantime, you can find me fawning over flower fields... like this one in Danville, CA.  

Right in the middle of a park is an area with tons of rolling, flowering hills. It's a steep hike (1. Don't attempt it in Birkenstocks and 2. Don't attempt it right after leg day. Oof.) but it's so worth it, especially on a clear, sunny day.  This was my first time shooting there, but I can't wait to go back.  

Speaking of things I can't wait to go back to... Electric West.  I actually found this brand while doing a routine stalk through the Instagram explore page.  I've found many gems during this routine search, but this is definitely one of my favorites.  I'm a sucker for vintage tees, and Electric West has so many cute, vintage inspired tees, all inspired by the California desert (which I absolutely looooove).  Plus, all the tees are ethically produced, which is a huge bonus.  if you follow this blog regularly, you probably know that I've switched into blogging and buying mostly ethical and sustainable fashion (more on that here), so any brand that is both cute and ethical, I am all over.  I can't wait to tuck these into some high waisted jeans or vintage cutoffs.  You can shop some of my favorite denim picks below: 


But, denim and cute tees aside, I know I have to address this shoe situation sooner rather than later... the Birkenstocks. I know, I know, they're the ugliest shoe after the Croc, right? I once thought so too.   It wasn't until my super fashionable momma convinced me to buy a pair that I realized how cute they can actually be (and, how freaking comfortable they are).  Call me the Bay Area hippie that I am, but a good pair of Birks is a summer essential.  Not only are they stylish (seriously, they are!) but they're super comfy, and super versatile.  Wear them to the beach, to the park, to go hiking (kidding about that last part...) or wear them out to dinner.  They go with everything and they make your feet happy, so personally, they're a win-win in my book.  

I guess you could say, they've got me feelin' fine. ;) 

If you've read this far, then here's a little bonus for you. This song has been stuck in my head since the second I put on this shirt. So go forth and enjoy it. It's great.