My 5 FAVORITE Funky Mules

If there was one shoe that summed up 2017, it would definitely be the mule. Mules have completely taken over this year, and everyone and their mother seems to own at least two pairs. 

Me, on the other hand? I own at least six. I'm a teeny bit obsessed with mules, but to be fair, they're the perfect shoe for my lifestyle.  They give me a little bit of height with the heel (which my 5 ft. frame looooves) and they're comfy enough that I can run around The City with them all day long and my feet won't be throbbing by the end of it. For the girl-on-the-go who also wants to look cute, stylish, and put together, the mule is truly the best shoe for the job. 

So since I have quite the affinity for mules, I figured I'd do a quick little round-up of my five favorite funky mules. And no, these aren't your general run-of-the-mill black mules that you'll see me sporting nearly okay, that's besides the point. These are the funky cool ones, the ones that'll get you compliments every time you walk down the street. So, keep on reading if you're in need of some funky cool kicks (or some compliments to boost your self-esteem):

1. Milo Loafer Mules

I saw these mules during the #NSale last month, and absolutely loved them. They remind me a lot of the Gucci ones that literally every blogger ever has been wearing the past year and a half, but are 1. wayyyyyyy cheaper, and 2. come in these fun colors! I absolutely love the metallic silver, and the baby pink is the perfect pop of color. While they may not be on sale any longer, I thin they're a great way to hop on this trend, and even try something new, for a relatively low risk-factor. 

2. Jeffrey Campbell Studded Mules

What these ones lack in heel they certainly make up for in design. These mules are so bold and are bound to make a statement. I actually saw a woman walking around with these and had to stop her and ask where they were from. They sparkled from across the room, and while i'm generally not a huge fan of sparkles,  I loved these. I'd wear them to jazz up a basic white tee and black jeans ensemble, or even with some joggers.  

3. Sole Society Mustard Mule

These are definitely the most tame of the bunch, but I absolutely love these. I'm all for mustard yellow- in fact, it's my favorite statement color. I love the simplicity of this style, with the classic block heel and open toe, but with the pop of color with the faux mustard suede. This would be a great addition to your fall wardrobe, and I think I might have to cop these myself for the upcoming season! 

4. Sam Edelmen Embellished Mules

Again with the embellishments. What is with me today?! Haha, I just adore the celestial pattern on these flat slide-on mules! I'm naturally drawn to anything with moons and stars on them, and I think these would be such a fun, unexpected pop to an all-black outfit.  Plus, the velvet-looking frontal material is perfect for the fall time, while the open back is reminiscent of summer days. It's a great transition piece, and a cool option for anyone looking to add a lux(ish) statement piece to their wardrobe.  

5. Jeffrey Campbell Jelly Slide

And finally, we come to my favorite pair of the lot- the Jeffrey Campbell Jelly Slides. Now I may be a bit biased, since I actually own and wear these on a regular basis, but they are seriously so comfy, so cute, and have the lowest risk-factor of any of these shoes (only $45? That's a pretty good deal to me!) Not only that, but they're kind of a two-for-one. When you see them off your feet, they're completely clear, but as soon as you put them on, the heat from your feet turns them purple. Now, I do wish that they stayed clear the entire time, but hey, a little purple never hurt anyone! 

Whether you're looking for some color changing shoes or just some more sparkle in your life, mules are definitely the way to go, this year.  Although, let's face it: I'll probably be wearing mules for the next 10+ years.  When I love something, I love it fully, and have a hard time giving it up. ;)

Photography by: Julia O Test (edited by me)

Location: Glen Park, San Francisco, CA

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