Ditch the Coffee, Start Meditating

This is yet another post that has nothing to do with this outfit, but I've been enjoying doing more of these more personal posts. Of course I love sharing fashion on here and always will, but sometimes the caption-writing can get so superficial and boring that I just dread it.  I don't always want to write about how, "I got these pants on sale and you can get them too for under $100!" and stuff like that. Sure, when it comes to an item I really absolutely love then it's nice to make those posts every now and then, but what I really love is getting personal on here. This is, after all, my space, and I love sharing the things that set my soul on fire and get me moving.  

On a completely unrelated note, I've scaled back the number of posts I've been putting out per week... you may have noticed that it went from 3-4 a week earlier this year, down to only 1-2.  When I first started blogging, I always read from other bloggers that you had to post "almost every day of the week" to gain a steady following / trust from your readers / general love on your blog.  I tried so hard to live up to that, but realized that posting several times a week is just too hard for me. And, in that, the quality of my work suffers.

I'd have days where I was exhausting myself, cranking out post after post for hours in a row. But this wasn't doing anything beneficial. I was writing half-ass posts that I wasn't particularly proud of, and sacrificing quality for quantity. It took quite a while for me to admit this to myself, but once I did, it completely changed my work game. So, expect less posts on here per week, but better-quality ones, and longer ones with more substance.  Like this one! Sorry for the little tangent, I just had to get all of this out in case you wondered why there's been fewer (but longer!) posts. :)

Moving onto the "meat" of today's post: today I want to talk a little bit about my health, my morning routine, and why I've shaken things up just a bit in that department.

As I write this, I'm currently sitting in a beach house in San Diego, eating breakfast, after finishing up what was one of the most amazing mediation sessions right on the beach. (HA, I wish I was still here. I wrote this post back in July). As soon as I got here and saw that the house had an ocean-front deck, I knew I had to do my morning mediations there. A lot of you probably don't know this, but I started mediating every day. I set the timer on my phone for 3-5 minutes, and just zone out, concentrating on my breathing during that time, and letting the universe / my intuition give me whatever messages I'm meant to receive. I know it may sound kind of hokey, but it really is the most relaxing, wonderful thing. I used to think that meditating was totally corny, pointless, and a waste of time, but it truly is a wonderful practice, and really helps you to clear your mind, relax, and reflect. I'm a high anxiety person, and meditation has been my best remedies for it. Whenever I find myself feeling a little anxious or uneasy, I just slip into a quick 3 minute mediation, and sit back as all my worries wash away. To me, it's more therapeutic than any type of sedative.  

The first thing I do after I get up in the morning and check my phone (a habit I've admittedly been unable to break), I meditate. I sit on my floor with my legs criss-cross, palms open and resting on my knees, and set a time for however long I feel like that day (again, usually 3-5 minutes).  I always start off my meditation by silently repeating a phrase I heard from Gabby Bernstein: Where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say, and what would you have me wear? It's a quiet question I ask to the universe every morning, as a way of trusting that I will be guided on the right path. Again, this probably sounds really hokey, but it's a great phrase to say to start your day, and I find it really helps me center myself.  I walk away from my meditation feeling happy, enlightened, and eager to start my day. Sometimes, if I have something specific I want to focus on, I'll sit in the meditation longer, or I'll even let it go without a timer, and just meditate until I feel like I've received what I needed out of it. Granted, I don't recommend this if you're just getting into meditation, as it does take a while to learn how to ask questions / listen to answers from your intuition while in that relaxed state. The more you get into the practice of meditating daily and opening yourself up to receive guidance from yourself, the more this will make sense and the easier this will be. While this post isn't dedicated on teaching you how to meditate, if you have questions about it, you're welcome to ask them in the comments below to check out this other great blog post (not written by me) here

Another thing I've also started doing in the mornings, after my meditation, is drinking a mug (or two... or three...) of hot water. Not only is it great for digestion, but it gives you the fix of coffee without the caffeine. That's another thing i've been doing- avoiding coffee. I know, I know, how have I survived??? A few years ago, I was drinking upwards of 4+ cups a day. Now, I drink one once in a blue moon. It's so much healthier to give up coffee. Every now-and-then as a treat is one thing, but drinking it every day can cause weight gain and lead to other health problems, so I figured it was best to give it up. Since I started replacing it with the hot water, I no longer miss coffee, and I find myself feeling more hydrated and energized than ever.

I have gotten so much sh*t from friends for giving up coffee and switching to hot water, but there are so many healthy benefits. First, it's a great kick to your digestion system. It wakes your body up, making it easier for it to process and digest food. And in turn, that helps promote a healthy metabolism and weight loss. It can also help clear up / flush out your skin, and keep you hydrated all day long (but you still have to continue drinking water). Don't believe me- that's okay, many people don't until they try it for themselves.  I highly would recommend trying it out, at least for a few days, and seeing how you do. I've found that by drinking it, it also helps to reduce caffeine cravings. After all, what we're really craving in the mornings is the routine of having a warm drink in a mug, not the actual substance within the cup. ;) 

While this isn't a full morning routine (would you want to see that? Let me know!) I did want to share a little bit about some healthier practices I've brought into my life. What are you doing to start your day on the right foot? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Photography by: Julia O Test

Location: Temescal, Oakland, CA

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