Maintaining Consistency x The Consistency Project

What does the word consistency mean to you?

To me, it's a word that rules my life. Make consistent grades in school, stay consistent on the blog, post consistently on social media, make a consistent income, etc.  Everything in my life revolves around being consistent, and for a while, I thought I had to live up to that expectation of consistency. I have to be consistent to be successful, I thought. And while that may be true, to an extent, sometimes, consistency gets redundant. We fall into this trap of living the same, consistent life, doing the same tasks day-to-day, over and over, until we burn ourselves into the ground.  That's where spontaneity comes in. While sometimes scary to a type-A person like me, spontaneity is what keeps life exciting. It's exciting to get an A on a test after getting a B on the past two. It's exciting to open up your mailbox and find a check from your last freelancing gig. It's exciting to go to your favorite blog and find a brand new post up, on a day where there usually isn't one. That's spontaneity in action. That's what keeps us on our toes, and gives us that little pitter-patter in our heart feeling.  Spontaneity, I think is just as important for success as consistency is.  Maybe not in the literal sense, but in terms of our mental well-being and motivation? Yeah, in that case, spontaneity is pretty damn important.  

There are few people who are able to seamlessly blend these two aspects together, and find success in it. Like the Yin and Yang, they're opposites- coexisting together, yet rarely ever at the same time.  It's hard to be spontaneous in the age of "branding" and "aesthetics".  If your style is black and white, why would you want to throw in a purple-toned photo and "mess things up"? Very few people would take that plunge. But, when they do, and when they allow this consistency and spontaneity to exist together, they create a harmonious blend, perfectly capable of manifesting happiness.  

One brand that I think accomplishes this well is The Consistency Project.  

Like their name suggests, The Consistency Project is all about... well, consistency.  They embrace the "less is more" lifestyle, and are all about creating a consistent wardrobe, so you can learn to travel and live with less. 

But they also embrace spontaneity, in that their vintage pieces are unique, up-cycled, and often one-of-a-kind.  Take this skirt, for example, which is made up of pieces of vintage Levis jeans, which would've been thrown into the landfill due to stains or excess distressing.  Instead, The Consistency Project took them in, and turned them into this skirt, full of unexpected denim scraps that ordinarily wouldn't be placed together.  It's consistent, in that it's on-brand, minimal and vintage, yet spontaneous in that it's something totally new and innovative.  It's a perfect blend of the two entities. 

As soon as I saw this skirt in the mail, I smiled, knowing exactly that this was the perfect piece to tell this story. With the contrasting washes, to the sleek high-rise and unfinished hem, it truly is a versatile piece, and the perfect accompaniment to any minimalist wardrobe.  I would easily pair this with a button down for a more sleek, polished look, just as I would keep it fun and casual with this off-the-shoulder top I styled it with.  

The Consistency Project's message of promoting a minimalist, vintage, up-cycled wardrobe creates not only a dynamic platform, but a platform for sustainability in the modern girl's fashion world.  By up-cycling pieces, you're saving old fabrics from being burned and becoming waste.  By buying vintage, you are giving new life to old pieces. And by buying less and living more minimally, you are saving the gallons of water that would normally be wasted by making a brand new pair of jeans. It all comes full circle.  

If you'd like to know more about The Consistency Project and other small, ethical vendors, you can check them out at the Urban Air Market pop-up in Uptown Oakland tomorrow, July 16th, 2017. It's completely free, and the link to RSVP is here.  You can also follow the Consistency Project on Instagram  @theconsistencyproject and Urban Air Market @urbanairmarket to find out where they're headed next.   

Photography by: Julia O Test

Location: Temescal, Oakland, CA

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