Cheap Chanel (... Just Kidding)

Sometimes, you get really lucky with shopping.  You find that one dress, the one that's the only one in the store, and it just happens to be your size. You buy it, wear it, but can't find it anywhere else. This has only happened to me twice, one time being with this dress, but it's a pretty great feeling when it does happen.  

When I saw this dress in the store, I had to do a major double take.  It looked so Chanel-esuqe, I almost thought it was the real deal! Then again, Zara has been known for taking... er... inspiration from other designers on more than one occasion, so it also wasn't surprising to see a Chanel remake in store.  I've always loved Chanel designs, but of course, has never been able to afford the monumental price tag.  No offense, but it's really hard to justify dropping $2000+ on a single dress.  But this one did't even come close to breaking the bank.  Nope, it was about $20, a crazy deal compared to its Chanel counterpart.  

Despite being made of thick tweed, this dress is perfectly light and airy, and great for a spring day.  I'd wear this to go out with a friend, but I'd probably swap the oxfords for mules or basic ballet flats to make it a bit more causal, and change out my faux fur coat (which is sooooo cozy and warm!) for a denim jacket.  Of course, oxfords and fur are great for a fancy dinner in the city or a soiree with friends, but let's be honest: who really has time for those things?

Speaking of fancy restaurants, who caught my restaurant week post? Even though restaurant week is long over, it's never too late to take your vegan lover / friend out on a little date! Check this post to see a review of some of the great vegan restaurants in Oakland.  And don't be surprised if you find yourself hungry afterwords... don't say I didn't warn you. ;) 

Photography by: Brittany Curran 

Location: Berkeley, CA