Bye Bye Birdie

Photography by: Julia O'Test

Location: Mission, San Francisco

SHOP THE LOOK: Jacket // Tank // Skirt // Boots (sold out)

An outfit where I'm not wearing black or grey... is this real life?!

This is so not a "me" type of look, but it was fun to switch things up a bit.  Normally I would just pair this jacket over a black dress and call it a day- this jacket is more than enough color in itself.  But, I figured, why not do some color blocking and change things up. Also, since spring is coming to a close, might as well end it with a pop of pastels, right?! 

I go back and forth with whether I love/hate this jacket on a daily basis, but right now, I think I'm loving it.  My uber-fashionable momma picked it out for me, and I don't think that, on my own, I would've picked it out. But, nevertheless, it's a super fun piece to have in my wardrobe. 

While I may not ever recreate this look, I think it was such a fun look to play around with. The colors, the vibrancy, all of it was so different for me. What do you think of all this "color?" Do you like it? Let me know!