After the Bell

Photography by: Kyle Cafarelli

Sweater: Brandy Melville // Jacket: Madewell // Leggings: Forever 21 // Boots: Topshop

Sitting in class, counting the minutes until it's over.  Watching the clock tick, tick, tick every second, as each one passes slower than the rest until finally, finally the bell rings.  (Don't tell me you don't do this -- we all do.)

But what happens after the bell? Sometimes we sit down to work on the day's homework.  Sometimes, we grab a coffee and get the hell off of campus.  And other times, we stick around for a bit.  

My days are generally so busy, so heavily scheduled, that I don't often have time to just wander around campus.  I usually just came to campus, went to my class, and headed straight home.  But this day, I had some time - an hour, to be exact - to just wander around and explore all the parts of campus that I never get to see.  Of course, no exploration is complete without a camera, so I met up with a student photographer on my campus, Kyle, and these shots came out of that.  

So many people talk about  the daily grind of being a student: bouncing from class to class, doing homework, studying for exams, etc.  But what happens in those few moments after the bell, where school is over, and there's time to step away and decompress? That's what intrigues me.  Not only out of curiosity for what other people do, but for what I do.  If I'm being honest, those moments after the bell are spent on my phone: checking social media, replying to emails, etc.  But why don't we make more of these moments? Why don't we spend them offline, wandering, exploring, living

It's something i'm still trying to figure out.