Home. (Ft. Adeline Jewelry!)

You know that feeling, when you go somewhere, and you just know you're home? Every muscle in your body starts tingling, your heart starts beating fast, and you feel an overwhelming sense of warmth? For me, I get that feeling when I spend time in Oakland.  Most people I meet think I already live in Oakland, which makes sense, considering I frequent there quite often (3+ times a week, no less).  To me, Oakland feels like home, in a way no other city nor town has ever made me feel like.  I have a feeling that, once I'm ready to settle down, I'll be putting down roots there for forever. 

So being that I love Oakland so much, I have quite a bit of pride for The Town. And in that, I love getting to support Oakland-based businesses. One of my new favorites? Adeline Jewelry, an independent jewelry company run and operated out of North Oakland, and gives a cheeky nod to the charming Adeline St. that runs through Oakland and parts of Berkeley.  Founded by Lindsay Olsen, the minimalist, structural jewelry is handmade by her using ethical and sustainable practices, and is sold both online and through local boutique Esqueleto.  It's all crafted out of fine gold, rose gold, and sterling silver, and withstands the test of time with its rough and edgy, yet timeless design. I've worn these pairs of earrings shown (both from Adeline Jewelry) nearly every day- to the beach, to the city, to a concert, etc.- and they've held up beautifully. They've become staple pieces in my jewelry rotation, and, since I've been traveling most of the month, they've found a permanent home in my travel jewelry bag.  Not only are they great quality, but they go with almost everything I own- the perfect accessories to accompany a minimalist wardrobe. :)

So while I may not have found my permanent home in Oakland yet, these earrings have found a permanent space in my jewelry line-up. And, with their high quality and timeless style, I have a feeling they'll (literally) be in my jewelry rotation for the rest of my life. 

You can find more of Lindsay's work on the Adeline Jewelry Site and at Esqueleto (Oakland + LA).  

Photography by: Megan Welker

Location: Brentwood, CA

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