3 (Quick) Tips for Styling Menswear

Photography by: Julia O'Test

Location: Clarion Alley, San Francisco, CA

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If you haven't been able to tell, I've been on quite the number kick recently. "5 tips for this" "5 tips for that", etc. etc. Yet, today, I'm shaking things up a bit: instead of 5, here's 3 tips! Why only 3, you may ask? Well, the first (and not as acceptable) answer is this: I don't have time to write 5 tips! I'm currently packing up to head on some mini vacays to Sonoma County and San Diego, so I'm running around trying to get ready for those, plus finish up some work for my online classes and get prepped for my little event I'm putting on next week with Madewell (oh, and if you haven't heard the news, all the information is linked in this Instagram post!). But the second, more real answer is this: I honestly couldn't think of 5 tips! Consistency is a huge thing for me, so I wanted to continue on with the pattern, but alas, I could only think of three tips, *Sigh*, oh well, you can't win all your battles. So before I keep rambling on (and on, and on, and on...) here are three (quick) tips for styling menswear! Because lets face it: I probably shop in the men's section about as much as I do in the women's.  

1. Belt It

- With the way that menswear is cut, it usually isn't meant to hug your figure or give you shape. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but on us girls, who tend to be a bit more petite in frame, menswear can sometimes look like a shapeless sack or a mumu on us (and not the cute "Show Me Your Mumu" mumus. I'm talking about the true mumu.) One of the best solutions to this is taking your favorite belt and belting the item of clothing. I personally like to have the belt sit right at my natural waist, just as it is in this look. So for this, I would recommend using either a really skinny belt and cutting it to length, or using a rope belt and simply tying it.  Here are some belts that I think would look great layered over a tunic or long tee shirt like this: 

2. Go Big or Go Home

- Let's face it: if you're a women shopping in the mens department, it's probably because you want that big, oversized fit and feel that comes with wearing men's (err, your boyfriend's?) clothes. So always, always, ALWAYS size up! This isn't so much a "styling" tip as it is a buying tip, but it's still just as important.  I'm an xs in women's clothing, and I usually buy a medium in men's. My general rule is to size 2-3 sizes up from your normal size, especially when it comes to things like tee-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, etc. Keep it big and chunky- otherwise, you're almost better off just shopping in the women's section. 

3. Tuck it, Tie it, Play with Angles 

- There are so many different ways to play with oversized clothing, and I highly recommend you experiment with them! Some of my favorite ways include tucking baggy tees into high waisted jeans (or if they're long enough, wearing them with tights), tying tees into a knot and wearing it over a dress (or, if you've got a tunic, tying a little knot at the bottom for an asymmetrical look!), or even doing a half-tuck (where you tuck a tiny bit of your top into your pants, and leave the rest out). If you've got a men's sweater, pairing it over a skirt or a dress can give a bit of a feminine twist to your look, too.  Don't be afraid to experiment with different angels and different combinations of "modification" - different things will work with different pieces and different outfits, it's just all about the experimentation! 

And those were my three (quick) tips for styling menswear! I hope you all enjoyed this post. Leave me a comment down below if any of these methods worked for you, or if you have any questions about styling menswear. But for now, I gotta run, I have some trips to pack for and some essays that unfortunately aren't going to write themselves...