Sealed with a Bow

Have I told the story of how I've always wanted to be a blogger?

I can't remember.  But, nevertheless, I have.  I've wanted to be a blogger since I discovered my first fashion blog back in middle school.   But, at the time, I was way too young to produce anything worth reading.  That, and I was also stuck on a name.  

I'll be the first to admit that I'm absolutely terrible at coming up with names.  Names for characters, books, poems, blog posts... I'm awful at all of it.  So when it came to naming this blog, I was, naturally, stumped.  It took months - even years - to come up with the name it has now.  But for a while, there were other names in between.  Ones that were rejected because they either weren't good, or just didn't feel right.  "Sealed with a Bow" was one of them. 

I'm a sucker for anything with a bow on it, and back in the day, I used to wear ribbons tied in my hair almost every day.  "Sealed with a Bow" was actually a name I worked with for a while.  It felt like it could work... but it didn't feel right. There's something about the right name that just feels good in your gut, and, needless to say, this one wasn't it.  

When I was getting ready to put together this look, the back of this shirt brought me back to this story of thinking of blog names years ago.  Just as this shirt is held up by a bow, I thought my blog would be too.  

Photography by: Brittany Curran 

Location: Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

SHOP THE LOOK HERE: Shirt: Topshop (similar( // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: J. Crew // Bracelets: C/O Anarchy Street