Dressing the Part

Silver and fur and your dad's favorite vintage tee... the recipe for a showstopper, no doubt.  

You don't wear a look like this without getting lots of comments, head turns, and nods of approval.  It's edgy, it's different, and even a bit flamboyant.  It's a look meant for a rock star, only I'm merely dressing the part. I may read music, but don't expect to find a guitar in these hands any time soon... I haven't the slightest clue how to play.  

Riffs and synths aside, I'm much more comfortable talking about these pants.  These pants, that made my jaw drop when I saw them in the window of the Berkeley Urban Outfitters.  I'm not usually one for shine and sparkle, yet these pants saw right through that.  It was love at first sight... literally.  And, paired with a cool, vintage tee (yes, of a band I actually do enjoy) and my favorite boots... it made me love these pants even more. 

Now, i'll admit: on a normal day (re: when my photos are not being taken), I wouldn't pair the fur with this look.  It is, like I said earlier, a bit flamboyant.  But for an editorial, nothing is "too much". ;) If you're looking to wear this on a more normal occasion, I'd recommend pairing it with a moto or (faux) leather jacket.  Still chic, but not as much of a showstopper as the fur.  But if you're daring (which, if you're reading this blog, then I hope you are) then definitely go for the fur.  Plus, it's on sale for a siiiiiick deal right now.  How could you resist? 

So whether you're shredding on a  guitar or strutting down the street, you have to dress the part.  Expect the looks, expect the head turns. It's the price you pay for creating art.  

Photography by: Jessica Knai

Location: Oakland, CA

SHOP THE LOOK HERE: Jacket: c/o Diamond in the Roughh // Tee: Urban Outfitters, sold out.  Similar tees here, here, and here // Pants: Urban Outfitters