Celebrating You. TRTH x Converse.

I've gone through a lot of fashion phases in my life. 

I went from being little and only wanting to wear pink dresses, to being an elementary school kid who loved nothing more than jeans and a printed t-shirt. Middle school for me was a time of rapid (and mostly awkward) experimentation (think, a lot of fedoras), and high school went from me being super emo, to being super, super preppy (that was weird) to finally being some sort of variation of my style now.  

While some people can look at all these fashion changes as indecisiveness and awkwardness, to me, it was just part of growing up. It was what made me, me, and ultimately brought me to where I am today.  Every phase didn't feel like a phase to me- they felt like lifestyles, lifestyles that made me happy and fully embraced who I was for that moment in time. And I think that's something we all need to be better about- celebrating who we were, who we are, and who we will be in the future. As humans we are always changing, always evolving, and constantly going through these sorts of cycles- whether they involve personal style or other factors- that ultimately are stepping stones to get us where we need to be. For example, had I never gone through my emo phase, I would have never gained a profound appreciation for rock music, and as a result, I would have never started photographing concerts, which is something I so love doing! I can't imagine missing out on all the fun that is! Or, if I had never gone through my preppy phase, I would have never learned the importance of investing in high-quality versatile pieces, and building a wardrobe full of basics. 

While these things may seem trivial, it just goes to show that everything- including your personality and/or style phases- happens for a reason. Again, not to sound redundant, but all of this is truly bringing you closer to the person you're meant to be, which is why I find it so important to celebrate YOU! Celebrate these "phases". Cherish them, as they won't last forever, and soon enough you'll be left simply reminiscing of the times you had bright magenta hair and wore really thick eyeliner (no, seriously, I did).  Let yourself live present in the moment, and celebrate exactly how you feel and what makes you happy now. Don't worry about what people say about you regretting something later down the line. If you feel happy in the moment, if you feel happy about your choices right now, I can promise you that you'll look back on it with that same feeling of happiness. 

I used to think that celebrating yourself was selfishness, and that having excitement towards your own self was an act of conceit. It wasn't until quite recently, actually, that I learned that in fact it's the opposite. Celebrating yourself- so long as you're not putting others down in order to do so- is one of the kindest, purest things you can do in this world. Because if you can celebrate, and feel happy with yourself, you will radiate that same sense of celebration and lovingness onto others around you. It will pour out of your pores and seep into the skin of others, as if you're radiating your own personal prescription of Vitamin D.  Just as they say that you have to put your own mask on before you help others, you have to be your own light, your own biggest fan, before you can be that for others, too.  

Despite all the phases I've gone through in terms of my wardrobe, one item that remained constant throughout it all was  a pair of Converse shoes. Growing up, I owned some in every single color- no joke. From white to brown to pink and even purple, Converse were my go-to shoe growing up, and took me everywhere from Disneyland to school to ballet class. They were constantly worn-out and beat-up, but well loved nevertheless. Just as I loved all my style phases, I loved my Converse shoes. Now that my style is quite more minimal than it was growing up, I've still found Converse to be an integral part of my wardrobe. Whether I'm out all day on shoots or sitting inside a college classroom, I love how they're durable enough to take me throughout my day, and stylish enough to match nearly everything in my wardrobe. 

From the time I was a kid to even now, I've been using Converse to celebrate myself, and who I've been at every stage of my life. While younger me preferred bright pink ones as opposed to the classic black I prefer now, they will forever be, for me, the shoe that stuck with me throughout my entire life, and helped me to define my ever-changing personal style. 

How do you use Converse to define your personal style? Join in on the conversation by telling your story with the hashtag #ForeverChuck, and don't forget to tag me in your posts, too!

And remember, no matter how you style them, no matter what color you choose, always take time to celebrate yourself, your personality, and the place you are at this very moment in your life.  

Photography by: Julia O Test (edited by me)

Location: Jack London Square, Oakland, CA

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