Dreamy Denim

** This post was originally published on 8/2/2016. Some of the original content may have been edited.

Hi loves! I'm so excited to be sharing this look with you. It's one of my favorites of the season! I just loooove this denim romper! It is so perfect for the summer.  So cozy, so chic, and very light.This look takes the cake for the comfiest look I've featured on the blog before.  Seriously, it almost felt like I was wearing PJs! 

 I do have to say that, fit wise, this romper is better suited towards taller ladies.  I'm very short myself (only 5 ft.) so I had to tuck a lot of the fabric into the waistband...which is probably why it looks a lot baggier on me than it does on the model in the product widget. ;) hey, we can't all be 6 ft. tall models.   

 I paired this look with some of my favorite leather accessories- my Rebecca Minkoff backpack (which you all have seen a billion times now) and these adorable Freedom&Born sneakers that I snagged from the NSale.  I saw these sneakers forever ago in the Nordstrom catalogue and fell in L O V E.  Suede AND leather?! Uhhh, yes please! Even if it may be a little too hot right now to wear these heavy-fabric sneakers, I'm sure I'll be living in them come fall (speaking of which...I can't believe it's right around the corner.  Yikes.) 

Hope you loves enjoyed this look! 

Photography by: Myself 

Location: Brentwood, CA