Oaktown Blues


**This post was originally published on September 13, 2016.  Some of the content may have been edited since the original publication.  


Hi loves! I'm super excited to share this look with you all today, for two reasons: first, my lovely, darling friend Jenny shot these photos, and I think it's evident how talented she is.  I wish she could shoot my outfits every day! Lol! As a former fashion blogger, she knows all the perfect angles for outfit shots, and I love it.  

Second...THESE.  FREAKING.  SHOES.  Oh man oh man, I am obsessed with them.  I saw them at Nordstrom the other day, and it was love at first sight.  I have an obsession with booties, and had been looking for a super "dramatic" pair that would stand out against my normal black outfits.  Then, I saw these, and they were exactly what I was looking for.  I mean, BLUE.  VELVET.  I've never seen blue velvet shoes before; they're so funky, so cool, and the best part? Under $100! I was shocked when I saw the price, I totally expected them to be at least $150+.  Plus, they're Steve Madden, which is an awesome brand. It was such a win-win situation, and I'm so glad that I got them.  They may have replaced my Daisy Street Mules as my "new favorite shoes" (eh, who am I kidding: we all know how much I adore my mules).  

In terms of my dress, I linked a bunch of similar ones above.  Neither of them are the exact one, unfortunately, as it's an old Forever 21 frock that's not available anymore :( But, thankfully, it's a pretty simple design, and as such, there's quite a few similar dresses to it, if any of you want it bad enough. 


We shot the photos all over West Oakland, and it was seriously the most beautiful day out! The sun was shining, the wind was blowing a little, and it was the perfect 70 degrees outside.  Where I live, about 30 minutes east of Oakland, it's been a whopping 90 this whole week, so I was thankful for the cooler weather.  Plus, it was the perfect weather for shooting photos. 

Hope you loves enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed putting it together! 

Photography by: Jennifer Baquing

Location: Oakland, CA