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Product Review: Zoeva Brushes

Product Review: Zoeva Brushes

Brushes: Zoeva Beauty

While Germany may not be the most renowned country for anything concerning the beauty industry, especially with France being its neighbour, it still is the home country of Zoeva, company famous for its incredible makeup brushes. Zoe Boikou created this company in 2008 but it is already now internationally recognised. The cosmetics brand who does not only produce makeup brushes but also makeup, such as lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, blushes and eyeliners describes itself as « young, innovative and successful ». Boikou’s main inspiration for Zoeva has been the individual beauty of women. She aspires to make every woman aware of her inner and outer beauty and radiate confidence, focusing on women in need, especially those affected by domestic violence or the consequences of cancer. Now to add on to the list of reasons why Zoeva is pretty badass: they don’t test on animals! The tiny (or not so tiny in my opinion actually) downside I have though is that some brushes still have real hair in them, but most of them also have vegan alternatives.

Let’s now get into the actual purpose of this: the review of the Bamboo luxury set vol. 2. This set contains 8 vegan brushes and is sold for 75€, which is about 86 US dollars, to which you need to add shipping costs (about 9 USD for deliveries to the US). This might seem expensive to some of you, just like it seemed quite expensive to me at first, but trust me, this is an investment you want to make.

    The set comes with the brushes (obviously), with a clutch and a cardboard box, both of these being very convenient to store your brushes on to go if you’re traveling or just at home. The brushes are made out of renewable materials: the bristles are vegan taklon hair, the handles are wooden bamboo and the ferrules are made of golden coloured aluminium. They are also hand-crafted. 

    Most of the brushes you would need for a full face of makeup are in this set. The first two I’ll talk about are the 103 defined buffer and the 142 concealer buffer. If you’re not about that beauty blender life (or any other beauty/ makeup sponge for that matter), these are great for you. They do not leave any type of streaks and are pretty dense which will allow your foundation and your concealer to go on very smoothly and evenly without loosing any coverage. So what more could you ask for? The concealer buffer can also be purchased individually for 10€50 (13.50 USD), unlike the defined buffer brush, at least not the one made out of bamboo. You can find the same vegan brush with a plastic (I think) handle for 14€50 (19.50 USD). 

    The set then may not contain a powder brush but it does contain all the necessary brushes to give your face more definition and more colour to it. Starting of with the 109 face paint brush, it allows you to have the sharpest contour ever! Its flat shape fits perfectly under your cheekbones to snatch your face and the bristles are not too stiff so that you can also blend your contour very well. If you’re not looking for a really precise and defined nose contour, you could also use this brush for your nose. And you can also contour your forehead and your jawline quite well with this brush, though I believe another brush, that is more round for example would do a better job. The face paint brush can, just like the defined buffer brush, not be found individually in the bamboo collection, but the exact same one exists as a vegan option, without the wooden handle for 14€50 (17,50 USD). 

    Now that your face is snatched, a great tool to add a bit more colour to your skin is the 128 cream cheek brush that comes with this kit. Its angled shape is not only fitting for blush but also for bronzer. So it’s a great « two-in-one » brush, also because you can use it with both powder and cream products. The bamboo version of this brush is yet again not sold individually, but the other vegan version is for sale for 14€50 (17.50 USD).

    Moving on to probably my favourite brush of this set (and also my favourite brush in general): the 105 highlight brush. Now if you know me, you will probably be aware of the fact that I love my glow to be so intense that the aliens in outer space might mistake it for a new sun. And this brush is perfect for that. Since it isn’t a fan brush, it will really pack on your highlight and it has the right shape to glow up not only your cheekbones, but also your cupid’s bow and the tip of your nose (and any other place you want to highlight, though if you want to highlight all of your face, I would advise a bigger powder brush). This one can be found individually for 14€50 (17.50 USD).

    Now for the eyes, this set has three very nice brushes. The 317 wing liner brush (sold individually for 8€50/ 9.80 USD) is extremely fine and angled, thus allowing you to wing out your liner in the sharpest and longest way possible so that you are ready to fly away from anything or anyone. This brush being quite little as well you could also create a shorter and bolder wing obviously. I personally absolutely love to use this brush for my eyebrows as it makes it super easy to outline them perfectly and to make the inner part of the brows a bit more feathery and soft, which is a look I have been going for a lot these days.

    The two eyeshadow brushes are the 227 soft definer (sold individually for 9€50 / 11.50 USD) and the 232 classic shader, which isn’t sold individually in the bamboo nor the other vegan option sadly, but other vegan alternatives for this brush can be found on the Zoeva online-shop. These brushes are extremely similar in my opinion. The soft definer is only a bit fluffier than the classic shader, which isn’t too great I think. I would have loved the soft definer brush to be replaced by a rounder brush, which would have been amazing to blend out any eyeshadow. But I am not saying that the 227 is bad, on the contrary: it does its job well, it puts the eyeshadow on your eyes and blends it very easily and in a soft and beautiful way. What I am trying to say though is that in this set, I would have rather seen something more round and maybe even fluffier, just more different than the classic shader. The classic shader brush though fits perfectly and is the exact right tool to pack on the eyeshadow on your lid and to smoke out your lower lashline.

So all in all, the Bamboo luxury set vol. 2 is a set I can only recommend to all of you guys, especially for all of you face makeup lovers (instead of the eye makeup lovers). The quality is great, the bristles are soft and don’t shed, even after washing the brushes a few times. So if you’re on the look out for good quality vegan brushes, check out the Zoeva online shop (or if you are from Germany, or if you happen to travel to Germany, you can go to a Douglas shop and see a wide range of the brushes there). Now let’s only hope that Zoeva will solely produce vegan brushes in the future so that I can fully consider this brand as being cruelty free and not just one that doesn’t test on animals. I hope all of you girls and boys out there will fall in love with these brushes just like I did and that you will create many gorgeous makeup looks with them.

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