Beautiful Winter Lips

I think it goes without saying that every girl wants soft, kissable lips... especially in the winter! Winter weather can dry out our lips like there's no tomorrow... literally.  Nobody wants a gross, cracked, purple pout.  So, to save you ladies (and guys!)  from that impending doom, I've rounded up some of my favorite lip products.  These aren't just for the winter months, but hey, no better time to try out a new product than while your lips are at their worst, right? 


1. Glossier "Balm Dot Com" 

This little guy is a new favorite, but one that has made its way into a permanent spot in my makeup bag (and everyday bag, for that matter).  While this isn't necessarily a lip product, it's an all-over skin salve that can be used on your lips.  It's so soothing, so hydrating, and is the perfect base for a liquid lip! I apply a pea sized amount maybe twice a day, and it keeps my lips soft and hydrated all day long.  


2. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

This product is perfect if you want something that not only gives you hydration, but also gives you a little pop of color. It's kind of the best of both worlds, because it combines a lip balm, a lipstick, and an SPF all in one.  I love using this on days where I wear minimal makeup. It gives a nice subtle pop, and doesn't give the boldness of a traditional lipstick.  


3. Rosebud Salve

Before I discovered "Balm Dot Com" this was my favorite lip hydrant/ overall skin salve.  Like the Fresh one, it does give a light tint, though it's way more subtle, and provides a nice hydration to soothe chapped lips.  I did, however, find that I had to reapply this one often- probably every hour or so.  Still, it does the job great, and is pretty cheap, too (less than $10!) 


4. Clinique Chubby Stick

Out of the bunch, this one definitely packs the most colorful punch, and teeters more on the edge of being a lipstick.  Yet, I included it here because it's so creamy and smooth and goes on like a balm.  While I wouldn't recommend using it as a replacement to a traditional balm, it does give you a nice full hydration, and is one of my go-to "lipsticks" for the winter months!