Hannah Siddiqui

Beliver in love, light, and creating your own reality

Hannah Siddiqui is a 20 year-old writer, photographer, and speaker from the sunny San Francisco Bay Area. Having launched a successful life and style blog at the tender age of 15, her career has spanned to encompass national ad campaigns, a Tedx talk, and collaborations with some of the world's most notable brands.

She now works in the field of photography, specializing in portraits and live music, while also actively sharing her writing across her social media platforms. Her latest project includes her series of daily affirmations, which have developed a cult-like following of modern day spiritual seekers. 

When she's not working, Hannah can be found at your local record store, studying astrology (she's an Aries sun, Sagittarius moon, and Taurus rising), or searching for the perfect bowl of vegan ramen. She is currently an undergraduate sociology major at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!)



“I speak with confidence because the world needs my light.” 

- Gabby Bernstein


― Our Philosophy - as told by Hannah

From the time I was small, I was always obsessed with stories. I was the child desperate for "just one more" before bed, and, as I grew older, I became known as the girl who always had her nose in a book. I spent my high school summers writing novels "for fun", and when I was a sophomore in college, I fell in love with telling stories with a camera. Whether I was surrounding myself with other people's stories, or crafting stories of my own, the art of storytelling is something I am relentlessly passionate about. 

This passion and love has become the core thread within The Road to Hannah. Whether I'm writing stories of my own heart, or helping people tell theirs, my "guidelines" for storytelling remain the same: always be honest, be vulnerable as hell, and erase all bullshit. At The Road to Hannah, we believe that your authentic, true self deserves to be celebrated, and that your story- no matter how messy or chaotic it may be- is always worth telling. 



― Select Clients Include

100% Pure, Adidas, AirBnB, Allbirds, Amour Vert, Athleta, Bare Snacks, Bird, Bumble, Converse, Destroy Boys, Facebook, FILA, Krochet Kids, Madewell, Mt. Eddy, Oakland Unified, Soulcycle, Sweetgreen, Toyota, Victoria’s Secret, Visit Oakland.