The Road to Hannah is a digital safe house, aiming to inspire creativity, ingenuity, and positivity within millennials, while simultaneously tearing down the walls of oppressive beauty standards.

Launched in January 2016, The Road to Hannah presents an eclectic collection of musings, curated by Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Hannah Anisa.  What started out as a platform to share daily outfits and inspirations has morphed into collective media outlet. While style (specifically, ethical and sustainable style) will always remain the core focus, beauty and activism have become important conversations at The Road to Hannah.  

Although The Road to Hannah is inclusive of all denominations, its core audience remains the intelligent and grounded woman.  One who spends her weekdays climbing the corporate ladder, and her weekends crowdsurfing to her favorite band.  The woman who is not afraid to dye her hair, or rock menswear, or ask her boss for equal pay.  For progressive women that seek inspiration from the latest fashion trends, or refuge from the media-driven beauty standards that cater to only a few, The Road to Hannah provides a safe and welcoming place for ideas to be shared and conversations to be started.  



Photo by: Jessica Knai

Photo by: Jessica Knai

I was born and raised into a fashion-oriented family.  While the typical American family spent their days talking about sports and attending local games, my family spent their weekends shopping and discussing the latest fashion trends.  I guess it was only given that, at a young age, I developed a strong voice of my own, in terms of fashion.  Though I experimented with many different looks, I always had a strong opinion on what I liked and what I didn't. Whenever I found an outfit I liked- or even LOVED- I was never afraid to wear it, even if it was drastically different from what my peers were wearing at the time.  

I always knew that I dressed differently, but I never really cared.  Part of the reason was because my outfits, almost always, sparked conversation.  One of my favorite things was when people would come up to me at school and ask me about what I was wearing.  And it was that constant conversation that made me always want to look my best, regardless of the day or time.  

But, this also led me to a bit of inner turmoil.  I always spent my weekdays at school and my weekends going out with my family, and, of course, I'd want to wear a cute outfit either way.  But it always bothered me that, if I wore an outfit on the weekend, my friends at school wouldn't see it that same day, and vice versa.  I always wished there was a way for everyone to see my stylings at the same time, without me having to repeat the exact same outfit.  

Then in 2011, Instagram was born, and soon after, I was introduced to my first style blogger. This was the solution to my problem! I could post my outfits on the internet, and then everyone would see them.  I couldn't believe that women were making a living by taking photos of their outfits and writing a bit about them.  I'd  always had a knack for writing, and the combination of the two seemed like a match made in heaven.  It was then that I decided that one day, I would be a blogger.  

I wanted to start right then and there, but I was only a freshman in high school, and knew that I had a lot of growing up to do if I wanted to run a professional blog.  And in the years between that first inkling of an idea, to the day I actually launched my site, I did a lot of growing up.  I'm not done growing, and I probably won't be for a while, but I'm so excited to now be in a place where I can document this journey with all of you.  

Over the years, one thing I've really learned is that my style doesn't fit in a box.  Some days I'm all for the girly glam, others I'm rocker chic, and some days I opt for a more laid back, California cool.  It's weird and it's different, and I think that's what's led The Road to Hannah to become as weird as it is, too. Neither my style nor my site perfectly fit in a box.  In fact, when you just look at them on the surface, you'll find a bunch of pieces that don't really make sense, yet somehow, they work.  It's only fitting, considering I've never quite fit in a box myself, either.  As a once-aspiring-ballerina-turned-YA-author-and-blogger, you could say I'm a bit all over the place with my lifelong passions.  At The Road to Hannah, we're all a bit "all over the place", but I think that's what makes us so exciting.  

So with that said, welcome to our cozy little corner of the internet.  Feel free to poke around and see what we've got going on.  And, if you like what you find, feel free to subscribe.  Make yourself cozy in our space.  Maybe enjoy some gluten-free cookies and some almond milk.  Kick off your slippers and enjoy your stay in our weird little world.